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Gordon Ramsay shocks fans as he announces dietary change

The chef's fans were surprised at his latest dish

gordon ramsay hells kitchen
Matthew Moore
Matthew MooreOnline News Writer & Diversity and Inclusion Lead
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Gordon Ramsay has shocked his fans as he announced a shock dietary change in an Instagram video.

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Taking to the social media platform, the Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares host announced that he was going vegan.

"Hi guys, it's Gordon," the chef said at the beginning of the video. "I've got a confession. After three decades of cooking, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of hours behind the stove I… I'm turning vegan."

WATCH: Gordon Ramsay makes shock dietary change

The celebrity chef then showed off a delicious recipe for a vegan steak, using an aubergine in place of the actual meat.

However, at the end of the video, it reverses itself back to Gordon's announcement. "I'm turning vegan… for lunch only," he said.

Fans were in disbelief with the video, with many admitting that the Hell's Kitchen presenter had nearly, or completely, fooled them.

gordon ramsay vegan announcement© Photo: Instagram

Gordon shocked fans with his announcement

"Ngl, they had me in the beginning," wrote one fan, while another added: "I was nervous for a minute. I learned how to pan cook steaks watching you Ramsey….."

Another joked: "My world just came to a crashing halt… till I got to the end lol looks amazing."

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One fan praised the recipe, as they wrote: "Haha, this would turn me vegan (maybe) too! I love eggplant!"

The chef recently sparked a different fan reaction when he fell victim to a TikTok prank from his daughter, Tilly.

gordon ramsay mothers day with mother© Photo: Instagram

The star admitted it was for "lunch only"

In the hilarious video, the teen could be seen squirting her father in the face with water, before cracking an egg on his forehead and then quickly running out of shot.

"Someone did the dishes last night in the Ramsay household…." the chef joked in the video's caption.

Fans applauded the effort from the 19-year-old, as one said: "Tilly got you good!! Cannot believe you fell for that! Cracked me up."

Another added: "The only person that can do this to him," while a third wrote: "Legend says she's still running."

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