Matt Baker's wife welcomes brand new additions

The couple have been married since 2004

Matt Baker's wife had some happy news to share with fans on Thursday.

Nicole – who has been married to the Countryfile star since 2004 – took to Instagram with the sweetest close-up photo of a newly-hatched chick. "New Chicks on the Block!" she joked in the caption.

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The newcomers are the latest arrivals to the family's farm, which recently featured in their show, Our Farm in the Dales. It followed the couple as they moved back to Matt's family farm in County Durham in order to help out his dad Mike after mum Janice was seriously injured in an accident.

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Matt previously spoke about the decision to move back home. "I'd resigned from The One Show to be with my family more and when lockdown began I was working from home on my production company, when my dad rang and said, 'Your mum's had this really nasty accident in the sheep pens and is in hospital'," he shared.

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"She was knocked over by sheep and smashed her leg so badly she needed a knee replacement. My wife and I took the kids, Molly and Luke, up to the farm in the Durham Dales to help out."

Matt's wife Nicola shared a sweet snapshot of the new arrival

Matt continued: "The farm's a big part of our family - it's like I'm returning to a life I had left before. It was going to take something like an accident to make my mum realise things had to change, because the farm is her passion.

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"She's the shepherdess and Dad's not well enough to run the farm. As soon as we arrived, we could see Mum was very vulnerable so it was all hands on deck to help."

Matt and his family recently starred together in Our Farm in the Dales

The show, which also starred Matt and Nicola's two children, Luke and Molly, proved to be a huge hit with viewers.

"It was such a heartfelt pleasure to watch this series," one fan told Nicole on social media. "The best show I've seen on TV for years. I hope you're able to make a few episodes more to chart the progress of the work you've all done on the farm." A second remarked: "The feel good quality of your series was huge. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm hoping for more."

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