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Meet the LGBTQ mums and dads and their adorable children: From Elton John to Tom Daley

Meet the rainbow families who no doubt will be celebrating this Pride Month!

Split image of Ricky Martin, Nicola Adams and Tom Daley with their sons© Instagram
Matthew Moore
Online News Writer & Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Updated: June 1, 2024
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Pride Month celebrations are in full swing, and for some families there's an extra reason to celebrate as they mark the event with their young children. Over the years we've seen plenty of rainbow families welcoming their own families either through adoption or through surrogacy.

We love seeing these LGBTQ+ parents navigating parenthood with their own bundles of joy, so meet the proud families below who have started their own journeys with their broods...


Elton John and his two sons watching football© Instagram

Elton John

Elton John and husband David Furnish share two children, Zachary, 13, and Elijah, 11, both of whom were born via the same surrogate. Elton and David have chosen to be somewhat private with their children, but still share pictures of the young boys online.

Marking Zachary's 13th birthday, which coincides with Christmas, Elton penned: "Where has the time gone?! Thirteen years ago was a Christmas Eve like no other. On the 25th, we received the best Christmas gift ever, with the birth of our beautiful son Zachary. We are so deeply proud of him, and love him to the moon and back. Happy 13th Birthday Zachary!!!"


Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black with their two sons© Instagram

Tom Daley

When he's not busy with diving competitions, Olympian Tom Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black are the proud parents of sons Robbie, six, and Phoenix, who is 14 months old. Both their boys were born via surrogacy, and although the dads shield their faces from the camera, the duo can be spotted from time to time with Robbie inheriting Dustin's blonde locks.

Robbie, who is named after Tom's late father, is also a star on Tom's YouTube channel and fans have been delighted with adorable clips of the youngster painting, baking and interacting with his "daddy and papa". There was also an adorable moment where Robbie showed his own pride in his father, when Tom became an Olympic champion in 2021.

Speaking about why they started their family through surrogacy, Tom explained: "Lance and I just felt really drawn to [surrogacy because of] the fact that we had lost people, I had lost my dad and he had recently lost his mum and his brother. There was something about surrogacy that we were drawn to that just meant we could pass on the people that we had lost, their genes, their thoughts, their personalities, and being able to bring someone into the world like that felt extremely special."


Rebel Wilson and her fiancee with their daughter© Instagram

Rebel Wilson

Rebel welcomed her daughter Royce with her partner Ramona Agruma in November 2022 through the use of surrogacy. Announcing the arrival of her bundle of joy, the Pitch Perfect star said: "I can't even describe the love I have for her, she's a beautiful miracle!"

Speaking to People about the joys of having her young girl, the star shared: "I throw Royce up in the air until she giggles, I tickle her and I help put her to bed. She just melts my heart."


Ricky Martin with his sons Valentino and Matteo on a vacation to Tokyo, Japan© Instagram

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a doting father to twin sons Matteo and Valentino, who were born via gestational surrogacy as well as daughter Lucia, and Renn. The singer likes to keep his children out of the spotlight, but has shared pictures with his brood online.

And he doesn't plan at stopping at four children, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he confessed: "Some people think I'm crazy but I love a big family and I have a couple of embryos waiting for me. I don't know. That's all I've got to say."

Ricky has indicated in the past that his older sons are also keen to follow in his footsteps. "Matteo is more into the arts and Valentino is gonna spend his life in front of a screen because he wants to be the best YouTuber in the world," he told Extra back in 2020.


Cynthia Nixon, her wife and their family with a ginger boy in a blue gown holding a graduation certificate© Instagram

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon and wife Christine Marinoni are doting mums to son Max, who frequently appears on Cynthia's Instagram page. Christine gave birth to Max back in 2011.

The Sex and the City star is also mum to sons Seph, and Charles, from her previous relationship with Danny Mozes. Although the pair appear less frequently on her social media feed, Cynthia is still incredibly proud of her all children, and gave lots of support to Seph, when he came out as transgender in 2018.

Speaking about being a mother to Vice, Cynthia shared: "What happened essentially is, I was a daughter for a long time and then I became a mother and I became my own mother. I became more comfortable with the idea of my own opinion mattering and being able to say it out loud."


Nicola Adams holding a young boy© Instagram

Nicola Adams

Boxing champ Nicola is a mum-of-one alongside girlfriend Ella Baig welcoming son Taylor back in July 2022. Speaking exclusively to HELLO! a month after welcoming her son, she shared: "My son being born is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t even explain the feeling – I felt this instant love."

Ella, who is a model and influencer joked: "I said he was a fighter when he was in my stomach and he’s definitely come out like that."


Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their twins underneath Japanese arches© Instagram

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka are doting dads to twins Gideon and Harper, 13, and the family are more than happy to share sweet images of their young children growing up.

Speaking about becoming parents to teenage children, Neil joked: "We keep being told that at a certain point, they're going to hate us. That hasn't happened yet. So you know, so far, so good!"


Ian 'H' Watkins with his sons© Instagram

Ian 'H' Watkins

Ian is a proud father to twin boys Macsen and Cybi, who he shares with his ex-boyfriend Craig Ryder. The two boys were born via surrogate, and although H keeps their faces out of the spotlight, he's more than happy to share sweet pictures of the trio together.

Speaking to Sky News about his family, the Steps singer said: "I have been a single parent virtually from the beginning, I guess, so I know exactly what it's like to be outnumbered if you are single parent out there. When it comes to single parent families, I'm outnumbered, completely. So I have to divide my time and I have to devote attention to what's needed. I am a little bit of a, well, 90%, I'd say, I'm bad cop because I have to be, you know, I do rule my children with discipline, but I also put the fun dad hat on as well. So it's a juggling act, really. And it's tough."


Melissa Etheridge with her daughter© Instagram

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge is a mum to four adult children: Bailey Jean, Beckett and twins Johnnie and Miller. The singer shares Bailey Jean and Beckett with ex-partner Julie Cypher and shares the twins with her ex-partner Tammy Lynn Michaels. She doesn't often share pictures of her children, but does so to mark important events.

In 1994, she gave a powerful interview to The Advocate about same-sex parenting, saying: "I think one of the many fears people have about homosexuality is around children. I think that the more gay parents raise good, strong, compassionate people, the better the world will be."


Charlie Condou with his daughter and son© John Phillips

Charlie Condou

Former Coronation Street star Charlie is a proud father to Georgia and Hal, who he shares with friend Catherine Kanter. The two young children spend their time with Catherine as well as Charlie and his husband Cameron Laux. The youngsters were born through IVF and Charlie and Catherine had a pact that they would have children if she hadn't had one by the age of 40.

Speaking to Brood Magazine, Charlie said: "I think for a lot of gay men from my generation, and Cameron's [his husband] – who’' ten years older than me, back then if you were gay man who wanted to be a parent, you either got together with a woman and went down that route – that lie – and lived your life that way, or you parked the idea and accepted it just wasn't going to happen. But for me it was so important that I knew I was going to have to figure it out somehow, so when those kinds of conversations came up, I started saying 'when I have kids' instead of 'if I have kids'."


Karamo Brown and his two sons© Instagram

Karamo Brown

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown is an incredibly proud father to two sons, Jason and Curtis. Karamo found out that he was Jason's father when the youngster was ten years old in 2007, and three years later he adopted Jason's half-brother Curtis.

Speaking to People about his son, Karamo sweetly said: "My son saved my life — and as much as people have always said I saved his, he saved my life because it gave me an opportunity to see that there was more to life than just me."


Tan France and his husband holding their two children© Instagram

Tan France

And Karamo isn't the only member of the Fab Five with a child, as fashion guru Tan France and husband Rob Nurse welcomed a son, Ismail in 2021 before welcoming a second son, Isaac, in 2023. Their first son's birth was a little bit stressful, as he arrived seven weeks early, and as a result had to spend three weeks in the NICU.

Although he initially voiced his hopes to have four children, Tan declared himself "100 per cent done" with expanding his family following the arrival of Isaac.


Cheyenne Jackson with his husband and their children© Instagram

Cheyenne Jackson

Hollywood heartthrob Cheyenne Jackson and husband Jason Landau are the proud fathers to twin children Willow and Ethan. Cheyenne melted hearts when he introduced the pair to the world, with some adorable pictures of the new dads swaddling their newborn children.

Joking about parenting twins, the American Horror Story actor teased to People: "It is a tired like we have never known. But that is the payoff. They're doing great in every way."


Paul Brand with his son in a pub© Instagram

Paul Brand

ITV's UK editor Paul Brand is busy both at work and at home as he juggles the election and his young son, Tomos, who he welcomed through surrogacy in 2021. Following his son's birth, Paul shared: "Welcome to the world, Tomos George Cuddeford-Brand. Born 10th June at 9lb 5oz. We have never known love like this before. You are the most priceless gift."

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