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Rob Kardashian's Christmas photo has fans saying the same thing

Which of the Kardashian wrapping paper is your favorite?  

Rob Kardashian pictured with daughter Dream
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Rob Kardashian’s new Christmas photo certainly has fans talking! His sister, Kim Kardashian, shared a series of snaps on Instagram showing how every member of the family individually wraps all of their gifts to the family using a special theme, and shared how every person chose to package their gifts - and fans are loving Rob’s! 

Posting on Instagram, Kim explained: "Wrapping gifts in our family is always such a fun family tradition to see what each family member did and their vibe for the year. Each represents us so well! I did all white SKIMS cotton jersey t shirt fabric. I’m excited to reuse it and make other things.

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"Kylie did a festive Santa print. Kravis a simple green cool wrapping. My mom a shiny metallic red wrapping. Kendall did a chic blue and white print with green bow. Rob wrapped everything in a festive snowman print with a white bin that has these soft ball shape. Khloe did a gorgeous monochromatic green with green ribbon." 

Rob Kardashian's Christmas wrapping
Rob Kardashian's Christmas wrapping

Taking to Instagram comments to discuss the variety of gifts, fans were particularly loving Rob’s, with many calling his snowman print the most 'relatable' offering from the Kardashian clan! 

What did Kim Kardashian change her son's name to?

What did Kim Kardashian change her son's name to?

Kim Kardashian has not changed any of her children's names, however, her half-sister Kylie did change the name of her son. The makeup mogul originally announced that her second child with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Travis Scott was named Wolf, however she later took this back and revealed the couple were still experimenting with their son's name. In January 2023, Kylie revealed her son's name was actually Aire just before his first birthday.

While Kim has not changed any of her children's names, she has revealed that she doesn't usually call her daughter Chicago by her full name. Instead, she calls the young girl 'Chi' (pronounced "Shy"). "Chicago just looks really long to me and doesn't flow, so I call her Chi," Kim told fans in a video she posted on her website.

One person wrote: "All of them spent 364 days researching the very best print and color combo. Rob ran to family dollar for his. And his looks the best," while another person joked: "Rob buying his wrapping paper from B & M," with a series of crown emojis. 

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A third person wrote: "Rob is all of us," while another fan added: "So Kylie and Rob are the only ones who have the best taste and who know best what Christmas spirit is about." 

Khloe recently opened up about her relationship with her brother Rob and his daughter, Dream. In an episode of The Kardashians, she explained: "Rob does such an incredible job with her and I'm just there to help whenever he needs. Rob and I are crazy close to one another, we’ve always been.

Khloe and her brother Rob are extremely close© Instagram
Khloe and her brother Rob are extremely close

"Dream is one of my babies too, just like all the rest of them, and I absolutely love being a mom to people. I love mothering people, I don't know if they like that or not but it’s in my blood just to be a mom, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like I'm like a third parent for Dream. I do know how important it is for Dream to have a great maternal influence — whether that be from me or her own mom or whoever, it's important and wherever she gets it from she gets it from." 

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