Hailey Bieber claims this diet swap changed her life – and it's so simple

The 23-year-old model loves to eat sushi

Model Hailey Bieber has revealed the diet hack that has helped her to regain energy levels and detox her body after months of lockdown, and honestly, it's so simple.

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The wife of Justin Bieber took to Instagram on Monday to share her recent revelation, informing her 36.1 million followers that making plant-based swaps to her diet had made her feel the best she's felt in years.

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"Over the past 2 and a ½ months I completely cut out meat (other than fish) out of my daily eating and have been sticking to more vegetarian/vegan dishes," wrote the 24-year-old. "I have never felt better! Feel so clear and energetic. Just sharing for anyone who may be thinking about cutting out meat," she continued.

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The star shared the caption alongside a photo of a cooling iced coffee and delicious looking, gluten-free lemon and poppyseed cake – suggesting the model isn't afraid to treat herself when it comes to leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The model revealed her lifestyle swap has made her feel "clear and energetic"

Making the choice to swap out meat won't be too drastic for Hailey, who has always tried to lead an active lifestyle alongside nutritious eating. The blonde beauty confessed to Elle US in 2016 that her standard daily meal plan was "eggs or oatmeal, some type of healthy protein or a smoothie" for breakfast.

Lunch comprised of "salad, fish, grilled veggies or maybe a sandwich" and dinner would be “along the same lines" as her lunch.

The stunning star owes her healthy glow to a balanced diet and natural products

After her husband Justin, 26, was diagnosed with Lymes Disease earlier this year, Hailey revealed that they were both making eating clean a priority.

Previously opening up to fans, Hailey said: "I tried a plant-based diet for two months during quarantine. I felt great and I had a lot of energy, but it was not for me."

"I don't eat a strictly plant-based diet and I do still eat meat. I just don't eat a lot of it. I've picked up more fish, greens, and lentils," added the model.

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