Joe Lycett reveals storming off Steph’s Packed Lunch was hoax

The comedian revealed his reasons behind the storm off on Twitter

Joe Lycett has finally revealed why he walked out of Thursday’s Steph’s Packed Lunchwhere he appeared to be annoyed by a comment made by Steph McGovern about his garden before taking off his microphone and leaving the show. However, he has since released a statement that he did it to raise awareness about recycling. 

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Posting on Twitter, he wrote: "Some of you might've seen or read that I had a tantrum on Steph's Packed Lunch yesterday and stormed off the show. That is absolutely true. What you might not know is: I planned the whole thing." He went on to explain that he was raising awareness about how white bottles are difficult to recycle, and that they should stop being made. 

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WATCH: Joe Lycett walks off Steph's Packed Lunch

He concluded: "I risked my reputation as a jolly, affable and very-much-available chat show guest to say this as loud as I can: Yop, it's time to stop using white PET plastic. What you sayin' Yop?" 

In the episode, the comedian walked out after they showed a snap of a plastic bottle in his garden. After Steph jokily pointed it out, Joe deadpanned: “I didn’t realise I was on Newsnight Steph,” to laughter. He then took off his microphone and walked off the set. After he left, Steph said: “Joe Lycett was going to stick with us but he’s had to leave.”

Joe posted a snap before his appearance

Fans were delighted with the big reveal, with one writing: "Joe….you’ve done it again," while another added: "I’m now starting to think Joe might be of been H on line of duty with all this undercover work." A third person added: "JOE! As a former recycling officer that specialised in plastic wastes - I LOVE YOU FOR THIS." He also revealed that he would be on Steph's Packed Lunch on Friday to discuss the stunt. 

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Joe took his microphone off and left the set

His fans previously defended him, with one writing: “I thought the News night comment was a great comeback. Sorry you felt like you needed to leave. Live TV is like a trap and of course I don't know what was going on in your head but the need to escape is something I'm familiar with. Hope you’re ok.” Another added: “Everyone who’s taking the [mick]- you’ve never had a bad day? Who knows what was going on in Joe’s head? Maybe he is struggling, or maybe there’d been something going on before they went on air? Either way, can we wait for an explanation before assuming?!” 

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