Death in Paradise star Ralf Little talks confronting man pretending to be him - and fans are in hysterics 

Ralf’s fans were in hysterics over the brilliant anecdote 

Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has opened about after confronting a man who was pretending to be him in Manchester to get free drinks, and the star had viewers (and his best pal Will Mellor) in hysterics!

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The actor revealed that he had been in Revolution in Manchester when two girls on a night out suggested that he was only pretending to be Ralf Little. After he showed them ID, they explained that there was a man in Manchester who was pretending to be the actor. 

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Ralf explained: “They’re like, ‘There’s been a guy going around Manchester claiming he’s you, and he looks just like you and he goes around and he gets free drinks everywhere he goes. And I said, ‘I don’t get free drinks and I AM me!’” 

Later in the night, the girls found Ralf after realising that the impersonater was at the club, and the star said: “They come running up an hour later saying, ‘He’s here, he’s here!’ They pointed him out of me and… the ugliest guy you’ve ever seen, he was disgusting!

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“So anyway… I go up to him, I go, ‘Excuse me mate, I’m a massive fan, can I get an autograph?’ And he turns around saying, ‘Yeah sure… ah fair enough.’ He went, ‘sorry mate, I was just getting away it,’ and he was so disarming I just went, ‘Ah never mind, how do you get free drinks?!’ And he said, ‘I just go to the bar and say, I’m Ralf Little, can I get free drinks?’ And I said, ‘I can’t do that!’” 

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He captioned the post: “The Funniest Impersonation Story Ever. That time I got impersonated in Manchester,” and fans were quick to join in on the fun, with one writing: “Howling guys so funny,” while another added: “This is the best story.” 

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