Virgin River season four: everything we know so far

Warning! Season three spoilers ahead

Virgin River returned to Netflix for season three back in July and fans of the show wasted no time in getting stuck in.

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While viewers were delighted to see Mel and Jack's relationship go from strength to strength, the series once again ended on a major cliffhanger leading fans to take to social media in their droves to demand season four. So will there be more episodes? Here's what we know...

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Will there be a season four of Virgin River?

Yes! Netflix has confirmed that the feel-good show will return to the streaming platform for not one but another two seasons. 

In a rare move for the streaming platform, the two upcoming seasons were announced at the same time on 21 September, meaning that fans will have one less thing to worry about when season four hits screens.

We can't wait for more episodes of the Netflix drama

What's more, according to Production Weekly, season four has already begun shooting in Vancouver, although Netflix has remained suspiciously quiet on the topic and have yet to officially announce anything.

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Who will star in series three of Virgin River?

Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson, Colin Larence, Lauren Hammersley and more of your favourite Virgin River residents are expected to return to reprise their roles in the new episodes.

It's believed that season four will also see the return of Annette O'Toole, who plays the town's resident busy body, Hope. The actress was notably absent from season three after the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for her to join the rest of the cast during filming in 2020. 

Season four should hopefully see Hope return

What will happen in season four of Virgin River?

Well, a lot it seems! Charmaine is nearing her due date, meaning her and Jack's twins could arrive in the new episodes. Elsewhere, we'll surely find out who the father of Mel's own baby is following her trip to the fertility clinic and that huge cliffhanger finale.

Season four will also provide answers to the big mystery hanging over the show - who shot Jack. As Martin Henderson told Entertainment Weekly, this was originally supposed to be revealed in season three but the writers decided to "drag it out a bit more".

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When will series four of Virgin River be released?

Given that filming is suspected to be ongoing until at least November, it's unlikely that season four will arrive on Netflix this year. However, fans should keep in mind that season three wrapped up production in December 2020 and was released in July 2021, meaning that there was only a six-month wait once filming ended.

If all goes to plan, we could be settling down to binge-watch the new episodes this time next year!

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