Viewers are saying the same thing about Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham drama Help 

The drama looked at the effects of the pandemic in a care home 

Channel 4 aired their highly-anticipated drama Help on Thursday night, and fans took to Twitter to discuss the one-off episode. In the show, Jodie plays a diligent care home nurse who struggles to look after her residents, including early-onset Alzheimer's patient Tony (Stephen Graham), following the coronavirus pandemic.

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Taking to social media to discuss the episode, one person wrote: “I’m broken. Jodie Comer has just delivered the performance of her career in that 20-minute (or so) scene. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single scene as powerful as that on television ever. Awards can’t reward this drama highly enough. Real change has to happen.” 

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Another added: “Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer are impeccable, two of the greatest actors this country will ever produce,” while a third person tweeted: “Yeah so Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham need to win every award going for these performances.” 

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Viewers were particularly impressed with one scene which lasted for 20 minutes, and was taken all in one shot. One person wrote: “THAT scene with Kenny. Done in one take, at least 20 minutes without a single cut. Everything about it; Comers performance, Thorne’s writing, the camera work, the score, the heartbreaking realism, the underlying political rage, the essential storytelling.” 

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Jodie’s incredible performance was previously lauded by producer David Hayman, who said: “Jodie is just extraordinary. She has that kind of luminescence, she shines from the inside, she has a light and she’s just so natural. She just.. she takes your breath away.”

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