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The Love Trap: meet the contestants

Here are the young people looking for love

the love trap joel david
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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The new reality dating show The Love Trap, which sees a group of women compete for the affection of one male contestant, is well underway on Channel 4.

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Joel Dommett hosts the new reality show which puts a group of 12 women in a mansion where they compete against each other in an effort to win over one man. But while half of the women are genuinely looking for love, the other half are secretly scheming their way to win the cash prize. So, who are the contestants?

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Viewers of the show may recognise David from Netflix’s hit dating show Too Hot to Handle where he formed a romantic connection with Lydia Clyma. Their relationship was short-lived, however, and now the personal trainer is looking for love again. 

David describes himself as "outgoing, fun and bubbly" and is looking for "someone who is driven, knows what they want to achieve in life and they want to go places".

david the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

David previously appeared on Netflix's Too Hot To Handle


Chloe is a 22-year-old ballroom dancer from Colchester. 

Before heading into the mansion, she said: "I came in there for one thing, and that definitely was to meet somebody." But will David believe her?

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The dancer also said: "I can work, I can make money. I’ve never relied on anyone else for money. I work hard for it, so if I want to make money, I’ll make it myself," she added. "I’ve come on here to try and make myself a better person in terms of letting my walls down and things like that."

chloe the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Chloe is a ballroom dancer


Dog groomer Kelly is a 26-year-old from Birmingham who describes herself as a "glass half full" girl. 

"I’m a bubbly person. I always like to see the positives in situations. Generally happy, bubbly, positive."

"I mean don’t cross me at the same time, I’m a Leo, so I’ve got that fire inside of me sometimes when needed," she added.

Kelly the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Kelly is a dog groomer


Elise is a 23-year-old Masters student from Essex who wants a man who will make her laugh. 

Before going into the mansion, she said: "I like big shoulders and dark hair – but I want someone who can make me belly laugh."

"It’s not like when you crack a joke and you’re politely like, “Oh, ha ha ha.” Someone who can literally make me laugh so much you can’t breathe and you feel like you’re getting a six-pack. I want that!"

elise the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Elise is looking for a man who will make her laugh


28-year-old Demi is a model, dancer and actress from Liverpool who said she had "the best time" on the show. 

"I absolutely loved being with the girls and I really loved getting to know David and we honestly had the best time."

She continued: "It was a rollercoaster. One day I was crying, the next day I was happy and the next day I was doing a catwalk or the splits and the next day I’m losing my head, about to kick off. You get so wrapped up in it."

demi the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Demi is a model, dancer and actress


Eleanor is a 25-year-old customer service and NHS admin worker from Barnsley who wants someone tall, dark and handsome. Perhaps David will be her perfect man?

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In an official statement, she said: "I feel like my typical type is just your typical tall, dark, and handsome. Someone who makes me laugh, someone that I can trust. I don’t ask for much, so where’s my man at?!"

eleanor the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Eleanor wants someone tall, dark and handsome


Waitress Thea is a 23-year-old from Sussex who likes a mature man. She said: "I’m looking for someone that is a bit older than me, someone who’s got their life together and got ambition."

“Someone that has got a good sense of humour, not a pretty boy, but someone that definitely cares about what they look like. Someone that’s into fitness. Someone that’s confident. So I don’t ask for much!" Personal fitness trainer Thea might be the one for her!

Thea the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Thea is from Sussex


Office manager J’Harie isn’t giving anything away about her position. The 26-year-old from Reading told Channel 4: "I would definitely say that love is more important to me, but obviously money is sweet as well. Makes the world go round."

JHarie the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

J’Harie thinks love is more important than money


Saran is a classical musician from Wales who is excited to take part in the show. The 25-year-old said: "It’s something new and exciting, and I think that’s why it drew my attention a little more than something like Love Island because God knows what could happen with this show. It could blow up."

Saran the love trap© Photo: Channel 4

Saran is from Wales

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