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Angela Black ending explained as fans left 'disappointed' following final episode

Here's a lowdown of what happened…

angela black ending
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Over the past six weeks, Angela Black on ITV has been leaving many viewers on the edge of their seat and, this weekend, audiences were shown the end of the story involving Angela and her abusive husband, Olivier.

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But it seems the final episode seemed to strike up more questions than answers for some viewers watching at home. If you left feeling a little confused, here's a lowdown of what happened in episode six of Angela Blackbut warning! There are spoilers ahead…

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The final instalment in the drama finally saw Angela, who had been suffering horrific domestic abuse throughout the show, seek revenge on her husband. At the beginning of the episode, Angela packs her things and picks her two children up from school, before heading down to south Wales in an attempt to escape Olivier once and for all.

However, after her children turn on her phone, her location is then all of a sudden trackable by her husband, and it's not long before he makes an appearance where they're staying and attempts to take their children away.

At this point, Angela decides to hatch her own plan to turn the tables. After learning that Ed (the private investigator viewers met earlier on in the series) was in fact named Theo, and not a PI but a friend of Olivier's out to frame Angela to aid his custody battle, Angela seeks him out for a deal.

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ep 6 angela black© Photo: ITV

What did you think of the final episode?

Despite Theo originally being against her, Angela manages to convince him to work alongside her (using her flashy engagement ring) to bring down Olivier once and for all.

Joanne Froggatt's character then breaks into Mantle Motor's and begins smashing up the place with a crowbar – it's at this point Theo convinces Olivier to join him in "sorting her out". 

Olivier then turns up but is met with a huge twist – Theo has switched sides and the pair then turn on him, locking him in the boot. Viewers then learn that police have seen CCTV footage of Olivier with his hand on Angela's neck – proving his abusive nature.

Despite Theo helping Angela in the end, she was not prepared to let his own misdemeanours slide. After Olivier's arrest, she rang Theo to explain how she had found out through his old associate Craig Mantle about Theo's false testimony that had put him behind bars – meaning Theo was about to face some trouble himself.

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ep 6 angela black end© Photo: ITV

Viewers are yet to find out what really happened to Theo

Suddenly, there's a loud band at his door – but we don't find out who it is. The ending was more positive for Angela, who was then sat with her boys playing the piano as the episode drew to a close.

While some were gripped by the drama, others were disappointed by the ending. One person said: "This show was so predictable - I'm so disappointed #AngelaBlack," as another tweeted: "I'm a little disappointed in the finale of #AngelaBlack plot wise. But this guy, THIS GUY made it worth watching. #MichielHuisman."

However, many watching at home were impressed. "What a brilliant twist in #AngelaBlack," said a fan, as a second added: "#AngelaBlack a brilliant must see drama, I thoroughly enjoyed it and she played him at his own game and won, good girl, nice one."

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