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Close to Me: ending of dark drama explained

Warning, major spoilers ahead for the show

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Close to Me has had viewers gripped week after week, so much so that many have sped ahead to watch the entire series on All 4. So for those that couldn't resist binge-watching the whole thing, just what did happen at the end? Find out here and warning, major spoiler alert!

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In the final episode, Jo finally manages to patch together some crucial moments from the last year following her fall that left her with a near-fatal head injury.

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She remembers that she followed Rob to his lover's house and realised that she was pregnant, and after giving Rob the slip, she visits Anna to have her confirm her suspicions. However, Anna confusedly denies that Rob would have pushed her down the stairs, as per her suspicions.

She then calls her children, Finn and Sash, and Sash's boyfriend Thomas, over to their home, where she announces that she is leaving Rob. Jo also remembers that her fall was the result of an angry argument with Rob, in which she slipped while trying to take down a framed photo to pack while leaving him. Although Rob manages to grab her hand, he then deliberately let's go of her, ultimately being the cause of her traumatic fall.

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What did you think of Close to Me?

Rob eventually admits to it and breaks down in tears, with his children realizing that he was indeed responsible for their mother's accident. Jo is then picked up by her friend from therapy, Helen, as she finally leaves Rob.

The final scene shows Jo enjoying an ice cream in her hometown by the beach, where she throws her wedding ring into the ocean, in the same place where she threw away her mermaid dolls after her father told her a fairytale to excuse his treatment of her mother after he had an affair.

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Although the show answers plenty of questions, it leaves others unanswered, including whether Rob would receive retribution for committing attempted manslaughter, how the children react to finding out how he treated Jo, whether Anna would accept him after finding out the truth, and if Jo would receive her money back that she signed over to Rob for a business loan.

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Fans praised the final episode

Fortunately, fans were satisfied with the ending without receiving every answer to their questions, since it concludes with Jo finally learning the truth. One person wrote: "#CloseToMe best drama I’ve watched in ages. Mad concept. Great ending." Another added: "Wow, what a great and dark ending, #CloseToMe."

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