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7 TV show endings that fans will never forgive: from Gossip Girl to Game of Thrones

Warning, contains spoilers for every show mentioned on list…

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TV shows can be so beloved, and expected so high, that sometimes no ending could do it justice – but in this case, viewers were particularly unhappy with their number one show's conclusion. From shows that were canceled before they had a chance to conclude their tale to ones with downright nonsensical endings, here are the shows that did not stick the landing…


After five seasons of Merlin managing to hide from his boss and bestie King Arthur that he was actually a warlock, the revelation, Arthur's reaction and Arthur's ultimate death left a sour taste in fans' mouth. While this was how the Arthurian tale concluded, BBC's light-hearted, cheeky adaptation of the medieval tale made the ending simply seem out of place.

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl was WHO?! This ending rushed through so much including Chuck and Blair's love story – but it particularly had fans take to Twitter in their droves over the revelation that Dan Humphries, lonely boy himself, was actually Gossip Girl all along. Except that having him as gossip girl, and therefore deliberately ruining his and his sisters' lives, was completely nonsensical. We're still not okay.

gossip girl serena© Photo: Rex

Game of Thrones

Possibly television's most heartbreaking disappointment? After setting up a story so outstanding that fans should have been celebrating this fantasy series for years, season eight essentially ended any everlasting love for the show – with its follow-up prequel House of the Dragon only recently redeeming Westeros in the eyes of fans. So what went so wrong?

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got starks© Photo: Sky

Several seasons of character arc were dashed, essential lineage revelations didn't matter, beloved heroes were reduced to little more than caricatures of themselves and the winner of the throne sucked, no offence, Bran. Thank God for Sansa Stark having the only satisfying and fitting character conclusion. Otherwise, this was one great big mess.

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While not a shocker, Girls' conclusion seemed like an afterthought somehow. With all of the 'girls' Marnie, Jessa, Shoshana and Hannah having one last party together while essentially realising their lives are going in different directions – it seemed like the penultimate episode was the perfect finale, with episode ten coming across as something of a mediocre epilogue focusing on Hannah's foray into motherhood.

girls finale 5© Photo: Sky

True Blood

After a love triangle between vampires Bill and Eric, ignoring everyone in her life telling her she shouldn't be getting involved with vampires and yet still causing sevens of pure chaos with her actions, Sookie concludes her Bom Temps adventure by mercy killing vampire Bill, meeting someone new and enjoying a night time dinner with her extended family while pregnant. Eh?! That being said, we did enjoy Eric and Pam's very on-brand decision to make the ultimate profit for a vampire infection cure while enjoying their lives at Fangtasia.

true blood sookie finale© Photo: Sky

Killing Eve

Loyal Killing Eve fans were devastated when the show ended on a heartbreaking note when, after finally defeating the Twelve and celebrating, Eve and Villanelle were parted for good when Villanelle was shot on Carolyn's orders and killed. The End. People weren't pleased with one even posting: " God, I still am so traumatized from this horrific ending to this day."

Explaining the reasoning behind the death, showrunner Laura Neal told TVLine: "I think it’s about ending the story that Carolyn began, and Carolyn wanting to have that power. She was the one who brought Eve and Villanelle together, and now she’s going to be the one to tear them apart for good."

killin eve© Photo: BBC

House MD

After eight great seasons of Hugh Laurie as the misanthropic doctor, the ending left a sour taste in viewers' mouths as House faked his own death in order to avoid felony vandalism charges and enjoy time with his best friend Wilson, who is dying from terminal cancer. Speaking about the ending, Vulture reviewer Margaret Lyons wrote: "It's hard not to wish that the show was going out on more of a high note, rather than the middle-range note it's been playing, and playing, and playing, for years."

house ending© Photo: Sky

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