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Virgin River fans have same theory about Mel in season five part two

Alexandra Breckenridge plays Melinda Monroe in the Netflix series

Alexandra Breckenridge in Virgin River
Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior TV & Film Writer
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Virgin River returned for season five earlier this month and fans of the Netflix drama wasted no time in powering through all ten episodes.

But if you've binged the series in its entirety and are wanting more, you're in luck because there'll be two more episodes landing on the streaming site very soon.

WATCH: Virgin River season five trailer

In a Virgin River first, the drama will return at the end of November for a double-billing just in time for the holiday season. After watching series five and the trailer for the new festive episodes, fans are sharing their theories about a storyline involving Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge).

Warning! Spoiler ahead for season five of Virgin River…

Taking to social media, many have been sharing the theory that they Mel could be in a for shock when she finds out the identity of her father. In the trailer, Mel discovers that her dad could be a resident of the small town, posing the question that she may have already crossed paths with him without him knowing – this has led some to believe it could be Doc, played by Tim Matheson.

"We did it. We found my father," she says in the trailer. But we'll have to wait to find out for sure.

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Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel standing on bridge in Virgin River
Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel in Virgin River

One person, however, was convinced they might know who it could be. They wrote on Twitter, now known as X: "Can Doc just be Mel's Dad?" Another said: "I think Jack and Mel are going to adopt Chloe. Also…is Doc Mel’s biological father?! #VirginRiver."

A third added: "Guessing Doc is Mel's father…" as a fourth agreed: "Who else is prophesizing that Doc is Mel’s father in #VirginRiver?" A fifth even joked: "'Is Doc Mel's father' is the new 'Who shot JR'... #VirginRiver."

Doc and Hope walk arm in arm in season four of Virgin River
Could Doc be Mel's father?

Meanwhile, the beloved show has prompted other responses from fans about the ups and downs the characters faced in season five. Everyone was, unsurprisingly, heartbroken to learn Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) lost their baby, and some were divided on what they thought about Jack's reaction.

One person wrote on Reddit: "I don't like how Jack immediately wanted to start trying again after Mel just went through what she went through and, in my opinion, guilt-tripped her into possibly wanting to try again even after she said she was sure her body was telling her not too."

Jack and Mel sitting on sofa in Virgin River
Jack and Mel in Virgin River season five

However, one defended the character, commenting: "I think Jack was the most supportive, loving and kind partner for Mel during their loss. Communication is so important and I think they handled it beautifully. I just love how they suffered through this together. It was a testament to their love story. I am still hurt and disappointed but am hopeful for them."

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in Virgin River© Netflix
Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in Virgin River

Virgin River season five part two lands on Netflix on November 30. 

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