Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews shows off weight loss

Spencer Matthews, one of the main stars of hit TV series Made In Chelsea, has shown off his body transformation after seven days of intense exercise and dieting.

Arriving in Ibiza ahead of his week-long detox at No 1. Boot Camp, Spencer took a 'before' picture that shows him looking slightly out of shape.

Seven days later, Spencer showed off his transformation in an 'after' picture.



He lost more than a stone in weight thanks to the boot camp – a diet and fitness retreat in a secluded corner of the holiday island.

The lothario, 25, says the 'turbulence' in his love life was to blame for him getting out of shape.

"You have to look in my career and obviously I've been failing miserably in that recently," he said.

"In recent episodes of Made In Chelsea, I looked quite beastly. I'd let myself go. Being in a relationship for so long, you end up getting lazy, ordering pizzas.

"The turbulence of falling in and out of love has made it difficult not to go out a lot and when you're socializing you're drinking – and I've not been thinking too much about my healthy and weight. There is absolutely no moderation in my life."

Spencer got himself back into shape during the punishing week at No. 1 Boot Camp where he cut out all alcohol, ate very little and underwent intensive training for eight hours a day.

He combined the week with taking Forza Supplements Black T5 fat burning pills and is now delighted with the results.

"It was amazing," Spencer continued. "No 1 Boot Camp had me up at the crack of dawn doing punishing work-outs and then in the afternoon we would do four-hour hikes up the hills and coastline of Ibiza.

"It was beautiful and also very tiring, but the end result was great. I lost just over a stone in a week. In fact, I lost 13lbs in three days!

"We trained very, very hard and ate very little - it was a brilliant kick-start to get myself back to fitness."

And the best news of all? "My jawline has started to reappear," he smiled.