Claudia Winkleman reveals diet secrets, how she stays in shape and the TWO things she eliminates from her diet

The Strictly host reveals all...

Alice Howarth

Claudia Winkleman always looks in shape - it's just a fact. The Strictly Come Dancing host looks fabulous and healthy whenever she appears on our tellies but what exactly is her secret, eh? In a new interview with her on-screen BFF and co-host, Tess Daly, the 47-year-old revealed how she maintains her physique and it's relatively simple (thankfully!).


Ahead of her and Tess's almighty undertaking of the Radio 2 Danceathon for Comic Relief which will see them dance for 24 hours (yes, you read that right), they sat down with the Metro newspaper to talk training regimes and their lifestyle choices. During the interview, it was revealed by Tess that Claudia simply doesn't drink caffeine and she doesn't eat sugar either however there's one exception to this rule.

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Tess said: "Claudia doesn’t do sugar. But that might not surprise you. She’s like the polar opposite of me. I’ve always got a bag of Haribo somewhere about my person. I’ve never seen her eat a sweet. She’ll eat cake, though".

Revealing whether the pair have prepared for their upcoming fitness challenge, it would appear not much. Asked if they had undergone any physical training, Claudia simply said: "No. We went to see a nice man called Greg Whyte to work on our core strength — and, I’ll be honest, I went blank. I’m useless". However, the presenter isn't a complete stranger to exercising as she once revealed to the Express that she's a "obsessed with Psycle workouts" which are a type of spinning class.

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Eliminating sugar from diets has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the promised health benefits and now has serious celebrity following including Adele, Kourtney Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Hudson. Giving it up is said to help prevent breakouts, give you more energy (as does giving up caffeine) and can help you to lose or maintain weight. No wonder Claudia's a fan then…