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12 amazing things on Amazon that you need to beat the heat

Cool gadgets, chill products and best-rated essentials to beat the heat during the UK heatwave

Things you can buy on Amazon to escape the heatwave
Karen Silas
Karen SilasSenior Lifestyle Editor
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We usually LOVE hot weather, but even we have to admit that when it comes to keeping cool during a UK heatwave the struggle is real. Whether you're out and about outside or attempting to chill out at home, sometimes we all need a little help and Amazon's gadgets, essentials and special offers have arrived just in time!

Amazon is one place that seems to have an endless list of heatwave essentials – and we've found all the best buys, deals offering quirky gadgets to best-rated cooling products, to help you cope with hot weather.

How to prepare for a heatwave

Wondering how to cope with hot weather? Of course, it's essential to stay out of the sun, especially during peak hours, take cool baths or showers and stay hydrated.

But if you want to take that extra step to plan ahead and stay cool, we recommend having a look at refreshing beauty buys, cooling mats, stay-chill towels and fantastic gadgets, from ice cream makers to personal fans, to see what fits your needs. There really is a lot out there though, so we've curated a perfect wish list for everything you need to cool off during a heatwave.

How we chose the best Amazon heatwave essentials

  • Volume of reviews: To avoid a distorted rating, we included the heatwave essentials which only had a high number of positive reviews.
  • Star ratings: We chose the the heatwave essentials which had the highest star ratings.
  • Reviews: This list was compiled by detailed analysis of reviews by Amazon verified shoppers.

Best Amazon buys to help you survive the heatwave

  • Inventor Chilly Portable 3-1 Air Conditioner

    Inventor Chilly Portable 3-1 Air Conditioner

    The hot UK weather has shoppers flocking to buy portable air conditioning units to use now and put away once cooler weather comes (until next summer that is!)  This three in one Amazon unit has cool, fan, & dehumidifying modes and can comfortably cool areas of up to 20 metres squared. This model has over 1.4k positive reviews, with customers loving the remote control, sleep mode, and low noise level.

  • Portable neck fan

    Portable Neck Fan

    This USB rechargeable personal fan, which is designed to be worn on your neck, has three speeds and will give you fast 360-degree airflow for cooling off when you need it most.

  • Cupse Swimsuit available on Amazon
    The top-rated swimsuit also has a very pretty tie at the back

    Cupshe One-Piece Swimsuit

    This bestselling one-piece swimsuit, which comes in sizes XS to XXL, has earned over 26,000 positive reviews from Amazon shoppers and has fast delivery. It comes in 23 colours and prints, and we love the back - it's gorgeous!

  • Perfume Bottle Handheld Desk Fan

    Perfume Bottle Handheld Desk Fan

    If you’re looking for handheld / desk fan that looks pretty while it cools you down, this the one. It’s an Amazon best seller with over 2.3k positive ratings and it looks just like a perfume bottle! It’s super quiet, with three speeds and charges via USB. The reviewers say that it gets compliments wherever they go, and apart from looking fab, it’s surprisingly powerful for the price. One thing to note, however is that several shoppers note that the first charge takes a long time - definitely one to charge overnight.

  • Migrane strips

    Kool 'n' Soothe Migraine Cooling Strips 4 pack

    Get instant relief from headaches with these non-medicinal cooling gel strips that soothe for up to eight hours, no refrigeration required. They’re completely non-medicinal and safe to use in conjunction with oral pain medication. Shoppers - who have given over 8k positive reviews - say they really work, they’re soothing and stay in place well on the forehead. Definitely worth having in the medicine box for the heatwave!

  • Self Cooling Pet Mat

    Self Cooling Pet Mat

    Your furry BFF might need some help to beat the heat, too. Your dog or cat – or both! – can keep cool with a cooling mat available in two sizes. It doesn’t use electricity or water, it’s filled with gel that magically absorbs heat when your pet sits on it. It has been a big hit with shoppers, who have given it over 1.8k positive reviews. Some did note that their animals needed coaxing to first lay on the mat, but once they realised it offers a nice cool rest there was no stopping them!

  • Drinking Misting Water Bottle

    Drinking Misting Water Bottle

    This water bottle is designed with a hydrating spray nozzle, which means at the push of a button you get a water mist to keep you refreshed. It has a spill-proof top and an air hole on the lid ensuring a fast flow of water. It’s ergonomically shaped to make one-handed use easy peasy.

  • Ocean Loong Ceramic Heater & HEPA Air Purifier & Bladeless Tower Fan 3in1

    3-in-one Ceramic Tower Fan & HEPA air filter

    If you’re looking to cool your home without burning a hole in your pocket, electric fans are the way to go - MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis says so, and if he’s giving advice, we’re listening! This bladeless tower fan is an excellent option if you don’t already own one. It’s safe for kids and pets thanks to the absence of blades and filters the air while it cools. It also doubles as a heater once the cold weather arrives.

  • Cooling pillow / matt

    Cooling Pillow / Mat

    If you’re struggling to sleep at night, this ergonomic cooling pillow / mat could be a great solution. It’s large enough to cover your upper body, or use it over your pillow to cool your head. It’s made of 100% safe cooling gel inside, with a high quality polyester cloth laminated with PVC for the outer fabric. Give it an extra boost by popping it in the fridge for 15 minutes before you go to bed.

  • Keter cool bar

    Keter Cool Bar

    Turn any outdoor space into a chillout zone with this cooler that holds your drinks on ice and also serves as a bar. It’s a popular product on Amazon, where it’s got close to 3k positive reviews. Shoppers gave it the thumbs up for build quality as well as being waterproof and easy to assemble. It’s easy to empty too once the ice has melted, which is a bonus.

  • 4-Pack of Cooling Towels

    4-Pack of Cooling Towels

    Wear this cool towel around your neck - just soak in water and wring it out, and the towel will stay cool for hours. It's great for hot flushes, too. It has 1800 positive ratings on Amazon, scoring big for being compact and lightweight, quick drying and comfortable.

  • Elegear Cooling Pillow Cases

    Elegear Cooling Pillow Cases 2 Pack

    These top-rated cooling pillow cases (almost 7k positive reviews on Amazon and counting) are just genius. One side is made with Japanese Arc-Chill cooling sensing technology fabric, silky and cool—perfect for summer, and especially helpful for people who suffer from night sweats. Meanwhile, the other side is made of 100% cotton fabric, soft and comfortable—perfect for spring, autumn and winter, to help you sleep better every night, whatever the weather.


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