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Meghan Markle's weight loss secret doesn’t involve diet or exercise – see before and after

The Duchess of Sussex's former trainer spoke out

meghan markle
Bridie Wilkins
Senior Health & Fitness Writer
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Meghan Markle's former trainer previously revealed that he and the Duchess of Sussex spent a lot of time perfecting her posture when they worked together, and apparently this could contribute to weight loss.

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Speaking to Women's Health in 2018, Meghan's past PT Craig McNamee said: "Generally speaking, we had a full-body approach. And since Meghan was on screen, we really focused on posture."

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He went on to explain that this included posterior chain exercises (for the glutes, back and hamstrings), as well as plenty of core work (abs, back, obliques, pelvic floor).

Postural Alignment Therapist Eleanor Burt explains that it's exactly this kind of regime that could prove beneficial for weight loss.

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meghan before and after© Photo: Getty Images

Meghan Markle's posture in 2006 [left], compared with 2013 [right]

Speaking to HELLO!, she says that good posture isn't just 'sitting up straight' or 'standing tall', but involves "maintaining a decent range of motion at every muscle and joint within the body".

"The reason that good posture helps with weight loss is because it aids the efficiency of pracrtically all of the systems within the body," she adds. "The body works as a unit, so your musculoskeletal system's function (or lack thereof) will impact how well you can think, breathe, shift lymph, digest food and expel waste.

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"A body that moves well (and moves a lot) will indirectly aid the processes involved in weight loss because movement helps with the dynamism required to keep the systems constantly pumping, as well as directly helping with more rapid muscle toning (because the muscles are doing the jobs they are designed to do and so are thriving and working hard).

"A body that compensates heavily during movement cannot aid the other systems of the body properly because it's already exhausted just maintaining the substandard and inefficient movement patterns.

"If you are stuck in a heavily flexed posture (aka a slumped, sitting position) without the muscular function to pull yourself out of it when you stand up, you will find that excess pressure on the internal organs will impact digestion, breathing patterns and your general vitality. This body, when taken to do a gym workout, isn't going to benefit from the workout in the same way someone with good posture would, because these limitations are still in place, even if the heart rate is lifted and some of the muscles are working hard."

Makes sense.

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