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Meghan Markle's slender shoulders and sculpted arms: try this 36-minute workout

Meghan is a fan of wellness

meghan markle shoulders
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
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Meghan Markle wowed the crowds in Germany on Tuesday, rocking a chic knitted tank top, revealing her toned arms and svelte shoulders.

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It's no surprise that Meghan's upper body is so sculpted, given her dedication to wellness and working out, which reportedly includes a love of Pilates, yoga and hiking. It's not those three activities that have given the Duchess a slender physique, however.

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Meghan's muscular arms and sculpted shoulders are likely to be down to her love of boxing, a sport also enjoyed by Khloe Kardashian and Gigi Hadid – both of whom have enviable arms.

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When you think of the royal family, 'boxing champion' may not immediately spring to mind, but it turns out the wife of Prince Harry is not only a fan of the sport, but has previously been coached by Jorge Blanco, personal trainer to Drake and Chris Hemsworth. Impressive, right?

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the Spanish National Kickboxing Champion said: "I trained Meghan when she was in Toronto during the shooting of the series Suits. "We did a little bit of martial arts, a little boxing, and sometimes kickboxing."

meghan markle arms

Meghan Markle's arms and shoulders are seriously slender

One look at Meghan's toned upper body suggests she still enjoys a boxing workout, so we tapped the boxing pros at London's Bermondsey Boxing Club for the lowdown on the moves you need to do for arms like Meghan's.

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No boxing bag? No problem. You can do this workout with 1kg/2kg dumbbells or if you don’t have weights, grab two tins of baked beans.

Boxing workout for Meghan Markle's toned arms

This session should be repeated three or four times, creating a 36 or 48-minute workout, depending on whether you pick three or four rounds.

Bermondsey Boxing Club recommends repeating this workout twice a week for a fantastic arm and core workout that you can do pretty much anywhere.

Set 1:

Straight punches for 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Uppercuts for 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Hooks for 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Do this twice

60 seconds rest

meghan arms© Photo: Getty Images

Boxing helps Meghan Markle maintain her toned arms

Set 2

Press ups for 20 seconds - as many as possible

10 seconds rest

Commando walks (plank position forearms then up onto your hands into press up position then back to your forearms - do as many as possible) 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Shoulder taps (top of a press up, wide feet, left hand tap right shoulder, the right hand tap left shoulder, keep core stable) as many as possible 20 seconds

Do this twice

60 seconds rest

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Set 3

Butterfly sit-ups - soles of feet together knees bent (removes hip flexors from the exercise) as many as possible 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Russian twists (sat on bottom, feet hovering off floor, rotate and touch hands either side of your bottom then rotate to other side) as many as possible in 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Spiderman crunches (press up position, reach left knee outside left elbow then right knee outside right elbow) as many as possible in 20 seconds

10 seconds rest

Do this twice

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