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Inside Amal Clooney's fitness regime after having twins: Pilates, tennis and weights

We uncover how George Clooney's wife Amal maintains her toned figure at 45

Amal Clooney smiling in a yellow top
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
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Amal Clooney never looks anything less than immaculate. From her tumbling gold-flecked hair to her flawless style, we admire everything about the 45-year-old – including her sculpted figure.

The lawyer, who is married to actor George Clooney, gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander in 2017, and quickly reverted to her toned physique following their birth – so how does she stay so fit?

How does Amal Clooney work out?

Amal Clooney laughing with nude lipstick on© Getty
Amal Clooney is admired by many

A typical day in Amal's fitness schedule reportedly includes an hour-long walk, supplemented with 20-minute weightlifting and 30-minute Pilates sessions.

She also loves a game of tennis, often playing with her husband.

Fitness benefits of tennis

"Tennis players rely on their upper body strength for powerful serves and precise shots," says personal trainer Amanda Place, who founded healthy living app Sculptrition.

Hitting tennis balls with force will help strengthen Amal's lean arms, while dashing about the court will boost her overall fitness, too.

Amal Clooney holding George Clooney's face© Getty
Amal Clooney likely achieved her toned arms playing tennis

"Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, agility, and endurance," confirms Amanda. "Training like a tennis player not only helps you build strength and endurance but also improves your overall athletic performance," she adds.

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"[By playing tennis] you can experience benefits such as increased cardiovascular endurance, agility, lower body strength, core stability, upper body strength, agility, and reaction time," Amanda says.

Amal Clooney smiling in a green dress© Getty
Amal Clooney always looks flawless

Tim Benjamin of audio fitness app WithU agrees on the benefits of tennis, explaining: "Tennis based-workouts are a great way of developing all-around fitness: cardio, speed, agility and balance.

Tim compares tennis to HIIT, due to the short, sharp, movements that are used to move around the tennis court. "They are a great way to improve cardio and lung capacity."

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Tennis is also great as it's a full-body workout. "Many people think that tennis simply relies on your arms and wrists. In reality, the movements and actions in tennis require your whole body. Even actions that seem simple at first, like hitting a ball, require your whole body to be in sync," Tim says.

As for Pilates, it has an impact on Amal's muscular physique too.

Benefits of Pilates

"Pilates not only lengthens and strengthens your muscles but gives you mobility and flexibility in your body," says Chloe Burton, a trainer at London Reformer Pilates.

The majority of Pilates uses nothing but body weight, with the occasional use of additional light weights to increase strength. "Traditional Pilates exercises focus on the core, glutes and back, so it would not be uncommon to find these muscles are more visibly stronger in Pilates clients. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28:  Amal Clooney attends the Clooney Foundation For Justice's "The Albies" on September 28, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)© Cindy Ord
Pilates keeps Amal Clooney looking lean

Pilates was likely key in Amal's postpartum exercise routine, Chloe explains. "Pilates postpartum can be very beneficial and safe in aiding recovery from pregnancy and birth. Pilates is a low-impact class which focuses heavily on strengthening the core and surrounding muscles, those of which tends to be weakened during pregnancy.

Weightlifting benefits

Weightlifting is super important as we get older to maintain our muscle mass and to keep our bones strong, and while Amal is still young, as she heads into perimenopause, which can begin in our 40s, it's great that she works on her strength.

Amal Clooney attends the DVF Awards 2023 during the 80th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2023© Getty
Amal Clooney reportedly enjoys weight training

Benefits of walking

Amal's hour-long daily walks are likely the reason for her slim, toned legs.

Amal Clooney in a mini dress with George Clooney© Getty
Amal Clooney has slender legs

"One of the most important (yet underrated) exercises to get toned legs is walking," confirms fitness professional David Wiener, who works with fitness app Freeletics. "Walking has so many different mental and physical health benefits and is incredibly important if you want toned legs."

"I always recommend that if you can walk somewhere, then walk! Swapping that 10-minute car journey for a 20-minute walk can truly be the difference in not only leading a healthier lifestyle, but helping get amazing toned legs."

Amal's fitness routine is certainly working, she looks fab!

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