The Duchess of Sussex's wedding makeup artist uses this £9 cream as a highlighter

Budget beauty for the wife of Prince Harry

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The Duchess of Sussex's makeup artist Daniel Martin – the man that perfected her iconic royal wedding look - just spilled the beans on a product he is hugely fond of and it will cost you just £9. Yes really. Speaking to E! online, the Honest Beauty Creative Colour Consultant said: "A lot of my highlighting is done with skin-care." On capturing the fresh face glow that Meghan has that we are all lusting after – he explained that he often uses Eucerin's Aquaphor. The multipurpose balm is great for nourishing and protecting dry and cracked skin. It doesn't just condition, but heals and repairs your skin at the same time.


Duchess Meghan looked radiant on her wedding day 

Daniel uses the balm as a highlighter – explaining: "When you think about it, using skin-care in lieu of makeup makes sense. For one, you're adding hydration to the skin, rather than potentially clogging your pores. And, glowing skin is simply the appearance of very healthy and moisturized skin. Aquaphor will give you that same texture, especially in a photo when applied on the high points of the face."


Eucerin's Aquaphor balm, £9

A lot was said about the wife of Prince Harry's makeup on her wedding day.

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Fans remarked how natural she looked – shunning heavy products and letting her stunning skin and freckles shine through. Daniel used Dior products to highlight her features - by subtly defining her eyes with a slightly longer lash than normal, and a pretty nude lip.

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Speaking to Glamour Magazine about her bridal beauty, Daniel said: "She's very much about keeping her skin as real and natural as possible," he said. Adding that it was important to keep it classic he remarked: "On your wedding day you want to look back at your photos and think about how great you felt in your dress and not be distracted by how trendy your makeup was in 2018. I focused on bringing out her best self and elevating it to a level, that you're not necessarily able to achieve yourself."

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