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Molly-Mae Hague shares makeup tips! From lashes to laminated brows, and why she loves the same foundation Meghan Markle uses

The Love Island star also reveals Tommy's favourite makeup look on her... 

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Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Since Molly-Mae Hague left the villa, her career has just gone from strength to strength. From a sell-out collection with PrettyLittleThing to a new collaboration with Tatti Lashes, her fans can't get enough of her latest endeavour. When we sat down to chat with the busiest Love Island contestant ever, she revealed all of her beauty secrets, her love of cheap and cheerful beauty products, and how she feels about Meghan Markle's makeup look… 

molly mae hair

Molly-Mae on… her go-to lash look

"I've mastered my Everyday chilled, glam look which is what I do most days - that's my favourite look. I feel my prettiest when I'm not too made up. I haven't always been the best at applying lashes, I don't claim to be some magical makeup artist that manages to put on my lashes great all the time, we always have a bit of a lash fail where it will ping off in the corner or what-not but I think it's important for trial and error. They're great for enhancing a look."



Molly-Mae on… her favourite mascara

"I think when I wear lashes I don't really need much mascara but I do like the Charlotte Tilbury mascara."

charlotte tilbury


Molly-Mae on... her laminated brows

"The laminated brows are really cool, a very brushed up, lifted brow. I've tried the soap brows before actually but I don't really like carrying a bar of soap around with me in my bag, it feels a bit strange. But yeah I use a lot of brow gel - the Benefit brow gel is incredible." 



Molly-Mae on… her favourite foundation

"It really just depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing. If I'm going on a night out or if I'm going to an event and I want to look a bit more glam, I would go for more full coverage, maybe like a NARs foundation and then for daytime, a foundation like the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I really like how it's not too heavy and is really glowy - it just really depends on where I'm going or what I'm doing for what foundation I will put on for the day."

Giorgio Armani


Molly-Mae on... showing off her freckles like Duchess Meghan 

"I think it's great that Meghan Markle shows her freckles because I can totally relate because it's nice to see what you truly look like under makeup and to use makeup to enhance what you already have and not to create something new.

"Meghan's stunning, everything she wears, how she does her hair and makeup, she always looks nice." 

molly naural makeup

Molly-Mae on… the best tip a makeup artist has ever given her

"Less is more, you don't always have to apply a lot of makeup to look pretty. I think the prettiest I look is when I'm not wearing too much and I naturally shine through, I think it's nice to actually see your face and see your skin and be able to see your eyes - under heavy eye makeup you can never really do that. That's why I wanted to bring out these beautiful lashes because you don't need to wear a mask and have a huge heavy lash to look nice and that's what I've done with these lashes." 

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Molly-Mae on… not wearing a scrap of makeup

"Ninety per cent of the time you will see me with no makeup on. I go on my YouTube channel barefaced, I go into town barefaced, it doesn't phase me. I even put Instagram pictures up with no makeup on. I think it's very unrealistic to post loads of pictures of me with makeup on because that's not how I am 100 per cent of the time, so why would I put it out there that I am if I'm not." 

molly pink tracksuit

Molly-Mae on… the makeup look boyfriend Tommy Fury likes the most 

"No makeup. No genuinely, he truly, truly says it every single day to me. Every day he will tell me 'I prefer the way you look in bed.' He just loves me with no makeup, it's so sweet."

Molly-Mae on… Tommy pinching her makeup

"Sometimes he has a bit of concealer if he's got a spot or he looks a bit tired under his eyes but he's so unbothered by stuff like that. If I were like, 'okay we're doing a full face of makeup' he would be like 'okay when we doing it?' He just doesn't really care, he doesn't find that embarrassing or anything." 

molly barefaced

Molly-Mae on… The cheapest item in her makeup bag

"A lot of my makeup is cheap, I love a good drugstore product. I love L'Oreal True Match Foundation, and that's like £10. Before we went into the villa, and when I was slightly shorter on money, I was always in Boots or Superdrug. I used to work in Boots and was always looking for a bargain." 

molly mae

Photo: Hannah Furness

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Molly-Mae on… Copying Hailey Bieber on the red carpet

"Well, you know what, I got a lot of mixed feedback about it and it was a total conscious move that I made to do that look. I'd wanted to recreate it for so long, I'd been obsessed with it and I didn't think there was anything wrong with doing what I did - I actually felt the most confident than I had ever felt that night, I felt amazing and I walked out and I was happy with the dress and the hair and everything, I was so pleased."

molly mae hailey bieber

Molly-Mae on… Living with Tommy

"I think we're both clean and tidy but he's probably a little bit more clean and tidy. So yeah hopefully living together is great and I couldn't ask for anything better right now, we're both so happy and it's going so smoothly."

Molly-Mae on… Who has a bigger wardrobe

"Oh me, I've got a whole room dedicated to my clothes. Tommy's got a cupboard." 

molly tom smiling

Molly-Mae on…Growing their family 

"Ellie Belly lives on our bed. We actually bought Ellie Belly a friend the other day. We ended up spending £14.99 on a toy rabbit for Ellie Belly, and that just sums Tommy and me up as a couple really. Everyone asks, 'are you planning on having children?' but really we're just planning on growing our toy family."

Molly-Mae on… Not having a wedding Pinterest board YET

"I've got Pinterest boards of far more interesting stuff other than weddings because it's very, very far out of reach right now. I'm sure whenever we have a wedding it will be absolutely crazy and big but that's a long way off yet. We just want to enjoy the moment - and I do think Tommy and I will get married one day but not for a while."

molly mae bun

Molly-Mae on… Her popular bun hairstyle she made popular in the villa 

"It's the ultimate hairstyle. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can do a sleek high snatched bun with a really beautiful dress or you can wear it with a tracksuit, it's the perfect go-to hairstyle for any outfit and is very versatile and that's why I usually always have my hair up in a bun."

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