7 fun Easter egg hunt ideas to keep kids entertained during self-isolation

Try out these egg-citing games at home

Nichola Murphy

After several weeks of following government guidelines amid the coronavirus crisis, the novelty of staying at home every day has likely worn off for children and parents alike, especially when it comes to big events like birthdays and Easter. Many kids look forward to the antics that Easter Sunday has to offer, whether it's feasting on delicious chocolate treats or getting stuck into an Easter egg hunt.

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If the Easter bunny (you know who you are!) is looking to make the garden egg hunt extra exciting this year, then we've rounded up some of the best riddles, clues and games to keep your kids entertained all day long. Keep scrolling for Easter egg hunt ideas you'll want to use now and after the COVID-19 lockdown comes to an end…

Easter egg hunt clues

Keep the kids guessing with these clues, which cost just £3.99 from Amazon! If you're not the creative type or don't have time to think up a clue or riddle yourself then these are an easy way to add a twist to your traditional egg hunt. Whether you fold them into empty egg cups or leave them open around the garden, the credit card-sized clues will keep the game going for longer. 


20 Easter hunt clue cards, £3.99, Amazon


Bunny basket relay race


How sweet are these little baskets? Instead of helping kids collect as many Easter eggs as they can find, these cotton baskets can be used as part of a fun colour-coded game. Separate little chocolate foil eggs into four colours (red, blue, green and pink if possible!) and hide them around the garden. As a family, work as a team to collect all the eggs via a relay race, in which each person has to find one egg of each colour and put it in the respective basket before tagging the next person. This way, everyone gets an equal chance of hunting and there's no fighting about who got the most sweet treats.

Cotton Easter baskets, £10.99, Amazon


Pirate treasure hunt

If you're feeling creative, draw up a treasure map of your garden and mark the hidden chocolates with a cross. Kids can follow your map until they reach the final destination, where they will be rewarded with a pot of delicious treats - we recommend gold chocolate coins. For those not convinced they have the riddle or art skills to pull it off, Amazon sells a pack of six clues that can be used indoors or outdoors.


Treasure hunt game, £5.98, Amazon


Riddles and brain teasers

Looking to test out your riddle-solving skills? Children of all ages will love putting their brain to the test with this riddle and joke book. Why not make a game of it - whoever gets the most correct answers gets a head start on the egg hunt. There's no better incentive to get your thinking hat on!


Easter riddle book, £8.81, Amazon


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Egg hunt markers

Great for younger children who need a helping hand spotting the treats, these cardboard bunny feet and arrows will help point them in the right direction. After all, the Easter bunny may be better at hiding the sweet treats then they expect. How sweet!


Easter bunny trail set, £2.85, Amazon


Nature scavenger gunt

It's all fun and games until the kids stock up on so much chocolate that they won't eat lunch. To curb the sugar intake, replace the traditional chocolate hunt for a nature scavenger hunt instead, getting the kids to spot outdoor items like animals and trees. Once they've collected their allocated number, reward them with a small egg. Plus, since it's not Easter-related it can be easily reused again - it's certainly worth the £12.99 price tag.


Scavenger hunt, £12.99, Amazon


Pin the tail on the bunny

We've all heard of pin the tail on the donkey, but why not make it Easter themed with this cute game? Get the whole family to take turns trying to position the sticker in the right place on the bunny while blindfolded - the winner gets an egg. It's sure to bring out everyone's competitive side! 


Pin the tail game, £3.49, Amazon


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