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Is North West the sassiest Kardashian yet? Everything she's said about her mom Kim revealed

North West has been compared to her father Kanye

Is North West the sassiest Kardashian yet? Everything she's said about her mom Kim revealed
Faye James
Faye JamesSenior Editor
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In the latest episode of "The Kardashians," North West, the 10-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, unleashed her unfiltered opinions on her mother's fashion choices, particularly her Met Gala outfits.

North's candid commentary came to the fore while discussing Kim's Schiaparelli gown from this year's Met Gala, adorned with 50,000 freshwater pearls. 

In a bold assertion, North likened the high-fashion piece to a "ripped Hawaiian girl" dress, critiquing the pearls for appearing "fake" and the diamonds for "ruining" the look. 

Her blunt observations were made in front of none other than Schiaparelli's creative director, Daniel Roseberry, who had designed the gown. Roseberry humorously noted that being critiqued by North was his "worst nightmare."

"I like the pearls. I just don’t like that it looks like from the Dollar Store," North added, holding nothing back.

North West roasts her mom Kim© Hulu
North West roasts her mom Kim

Kim, also a mother to three other children with Kanye, visibly struggled to maintain her composure during North's critique. "I respect your opinion. Please just be easy on me today," 

Kim gently requested, to which North firmly responded, "I’m not going to lie. I won’t say it at all, if you don’t want me to. But I’m not going to lie."

North critiqued Kim's outfit© Getty
North critiqued Kim's outfit

North's critical eye didn't spare Kim's 2021 Met Gala look either, a black Balenciaga outfit covering her face and body, which she compared to being suffocated by a plastic bag. 

Kim later advised her daughter on the importance of expressing honest opinions while being considerate of others' feelings. "There’s a way to be honest and not hurt people’s feelings, and I want you to learn that because there’s a way to say, ‘No, I might not love that …’"

Kim's Balenciaga ensemble also got a roasting© Getty
Kim's Balenciaga ensemble also got a roasting

In a lighter moment, while Kim was getting ready with hair and makeup artist Chris Appleton, North candidly suggested her mom needed a "pimple patch." Kim, taken aback, quipped, "Oh, I need a pimple patch? Rude." 

Reflecting on North's honesty, Kim expressed in a confessional, "Sometimes I just want people to lie to me and be nice."

North is known for her sassy streak© Getty
North is known for her sassy streak

North's frankness was further highlighted in a previous kitchen scene when asked if Kim could cook, to which she promptly replied, "Heck no."

 Though it's true Kim probably hasn't needed to cook due to having professional chefs, North's response was bluntly honest.

Despite Kim's advice, North continued to critique, albeit in a softer tone. Kim later acknowledged in a confessional, "North won’t lie, and that’s amazing. I’m trying to teach her you don’t need to jump in and annihilate people for no reason. There’s a way to soften it up and not hurt people’s feelings."

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