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Christina Hall's three children look so grown up new photos

The family are enjoying a getaway in Utah

Christina Hall smiling as she walks along
Faye James
Senior Editor
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The Hall family's latest adventure has taken social media by storm, with HGTV star Christina Hall sharing a series of heartwarming photos that display just how much her three children have grown. 

The family's recent getaway to Utah, documented in snapshots on Christina's Instagram account on Monday, paints a picture of joy, togetherness, and the rapid passage of time as her kids step closer to adulthood.

“I’ve always loved Park City and this was one of my favorite family trips! Beautiful views, perfect weather, skiing, sledding and just lounging around @brian.claypool gorgeous new Park City home. 

"My parents always took us on the best family trips growing up and I’m grateful Josh and I are able to do this for the kids as well. This trip the big kids got to bring their besties which made it extra special too,” Christina captioned the post. 

Christina Hall with her three children© Instagram
Christina Hall with her three children

A black and white photograph inside a vehicle set the tone for the family's laid-back retreat. The image captures Christina's three children and a family friend in a frame of serene normalcy. 

The eldest, Taylor, only 13, graces the camera with a smile that speaks to a maturity that belies her years. 

Christina's kids have grown up!© Instagram
Christina's kids have grown up!

Beside her, Christina's sons, eight-year-old Brayden and four-year-old Hudson, exhibit a composure and growth that shine through their relaxed postures. 

The bond shared amongst the siblings is palpable, with their mother's partial profile and content smile hinting at the strength of their family unit.

Christina with her husband Josh© Instagram
Christina with her husband Josh

In another photo, the family is seen in vibrant color against the striking contrast of Utah's snow-covered vistas. 

The Hall children, bundled up in winter attire, stand with a confidence that reflects their growth, especially noticeable in Taylor, who now stands shoulder to shoulder with her mother. 

Christina Hall's son Brayden (L), a family friend,, and son Hudson (right) sit in an airport lounge
Christina Hall's son Brayden (L), a family friend, and son Hudson (right) sit in an airport lounge

Another photo showcases Christina and her husband Josh in an intimate moment on a balcony with a view of snow-laden landscapes. 

Despite the chill of their surroundings, the warmth between them is undeniable—a testament to the loving environment that envelops the children.

Selfie of Christina Hall and husband Josh Hall plus her three children and their friends © Instagram
Selfie of Christina Hall and husband Josh Hall plus her three children and their friends

The visual narrative is enriched by a video shared by Christina, capturing a joyous moment as Taylor and her best friend slide down a snowy hill, with Christina looking on, champagne in hand, snug in winter apparel. The vacation began with a teaser of what was to come: a photo of Brayden and Hudson, along with a family friend, eagerly awaiting their flight, followed by a family elevator selfie, courtesy of Josh.

An airplane window's view of Utah's snowy mountains prefaced the reveal of their vacation home, a cozy abode with wood-paneled walls, a welcoming fireplace, and a 10-seater dining table ideal for hosting. 

The property boasted a balcony with its own outdoor fireplace, where Hudson and Josh were spotted playing a game of Trouble, with the ski resort in the background.

Tarek with his kids© @therealtarekelmoussa Instagram
Tarek with his kids

Despite the tranquil setting, the siblings are no strangers to the cold. They recently returned from a mountainous retreat with their father, Tarek El Moussa, an experience filled with skiing, board games, and fireside family time. 

Tarek, reflecting on fatherhood, shared his insights with fans, "After an exhausting week, I had the best weekend with my babies," he posted on Thursday, February 22. "We spent the weekend in the mountains skiing, eating, playing board games, and making a ton of fires!"

Tarek's musings on parenthood resonated with his followers, "I used to wonder… how can I bond with my kids better? How can I strengthen our relationship? How can I be a better father?" he mused. 

His conclusion echoed a sentiment familiar to many: "Well…it turns out being a good father is no different than being a good real estate investor, it’s about putting in the work! Do you want to know how to do the above? It’s up every day and put in the time!"

Since his divorce from Christina in 2018, Tarek has found love again with Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young. The couple has expanded their family, sharing a son named Tristan. Meanwhile, Christina's youngest, Hudson, is her son with another familiar face, her ex-husband Ant Anstead.

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