How to create a picture perfect Christmas tablescape

The experts from share their top decorating tips

Chloe Best

With Christmas just two weeks away, the time has come to not only start planning what you're going to cook, but also how to present it. Table decoration has become increasingly popular in the past year, with over half a million posts tagged #tablescape on Instagram alone. So ensure your own #tablescape is truly Instagrammable with these design-led tips from the experts at

1. Foliage-focused centrepiece

The past year has been all about green, leafy foliage – and Christmas is no different. A quick forage in the garden can prove plentiful, with a branch serving as the platform from which to drape foliage, fairy lights and other hanging decorations. Alternatively string some simple mistletoe or holly, with a few sprigs from the Christmas tree, and trail across your dining table for a pared-down, Instagrammable table embellishment.

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2. Metallic serving


Christmas this year is all about the hardware – and serving spoons, platters and all manner of table adornments can be called on to provide the wow-factor. Metallics bring warmth in the form of colour, and light-reflecting surfaces will make the surroundings sparkle. Gold cutlery will have your guests Instagramming before the food is out of the oven; matte gold salad servers will have them reaching past the turkey – and copper place mats are the perfect base to display the turkey this Christmas.

3. Organic aesthetic

Over-the-top tables are a thing of Christmas past: a stripped-back, organic aesthetic will make your layout stand out and charm your guests. Enhance the organic vibe by burning a couple of Palo Santo sticks for a minute: the wood exudes notes of pine, mint and lemon and is known for its healing and cleansing properties.

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4. Table scatters


For the festive anarchist, table scatters are the perfect opportunity for reckless abandon and are all the rage this year. Throw them anywhere: standing on a chair and launching them in the general direction of the table creates a carefree effect – mess is best here. Be creative in your interpretation of scattering: gold and silver confetti works, or go brighter with traditional green and red stars to really bring the surface to life.

5. Embrace the cocktail trolley

There's nothing worse than a table overflowing with plates, glasses, cutlery and elbows all jostling for space. If your dining surface area is limited, consider investing in a trolley, or side table, on which to unload excess gravy trays and empty bottles of wine. It can be conveniently wheeled back and forth as needed – and with the cocktail trolley here to stay, you can serve elegant cocktails from it for the rest of the year.

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6. Bulk out your candles


Filling your home with subtle warmth, and light from a flickering candle or roaring fire, is a must at this time of the year – and this Christmas it's all about the statement candle. Upgrade your usual boring wick with the Nkuku Moba Star Candlestick, or go for the full-table effect with House Doctor's Brass Move Candlestick Holder

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