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Mrs Hinch gives a rundown of her homeware buys - and they're cheaper than you think!

We feel a shopping trip coming on…

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Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Mrs Hinch, the cleaning influencer who has amassed over two million followers with her cleaning hacks, tips and tricks, and her loveable personality, has revealed to her followers where all of her homeware is from. Yes, we know where she buys her Dettol wipes, her Zoflora and we see her eBay buys arrive in the post, but the 29-year-old cleanfluencer has taken the time to show her followers exactly where everything is from. From her living room to her kitchen, her hallway, artwork and her Hinching cupboard, here's everything you need to know.

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The best-selling author - whose book isn't even out yet - took photos of sections of her home and tagged each brand, and flagged up when she was gifted certain items. Mrs Hinch - who's real name is Sophie Hinchliffe - plays by the new rules given to influencers by the ASA and alerts her followers when an item has been gifted or is a part of a paid collaboration.

mrs hinch living room lamp

We all know Sophie's lounge is very grey; her sofa is from DFS, her mirror is from Furniture Village, the blanket stored away in the corner of the room is a bargain buy from Pound Stretcher. And as for her mirrored coffee table, this is by Shpock which is similar to eBay. The candle on the table was a gift by Ava Maya Aromas, the brand she uses to scent her entire home. The photo frame, which shows a gorgeous photo of her wedding day, is from B&M, her go-to budget shop. Her lantern is also from there. Gifted items include the Matalan lamp, and the rug from the Rug Seller.

mrs hinch tv

As for the other side of her lounge, you can see a muted-grey armchair by DFS, covered in blankets that were gifted by an individual seller Let's Get Cosy, which specialise in chunky knit home furnishings. The sturdy home furniture - the TV unit and the shelf above - is from Ikea, and she tends to shop at Next for plush furnishings. You can see the storage boxes beside the TV and the photo frame on the wall, which are both by the British high-street store. Her candlesticks are from The Range, one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite shops, and her chandelier was a gift from Matalan. If you fancy copying her wallpaper, that's from online e-tailer

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mrs hinch living room curtains

Sophie bought her curtains from Kylie Minogue's homeware range which can be found at Debenhams or House of Fraser. The lamp was a cheap-as-chips buy from B&M and the arty print was a gifted item by Desenio, a brand a lot of influencers tend to work with.

mrs hinch kitchen sink

All Hinchers will recognise Sophie's kitchen, it's where she spends most of her time. While a lot of people like to keep their sideboards clear, Mrs Hinch tends to keep small items out. From her Amazon spray bottles (which she keeps her diluted Zoflora in), to her Lakeland chopping board. You can also see her Smeg kettle which was gifted to her, as was the tea, coffee and sugar set by a small independent seller. On the wall she has Ikea wallpots and the drainer she has on her sink is by cult-favourite Wilkinsons.

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mrs hinch kitchen condiments

From another angle, you can see that Sophie keeps her condiments out for easy access, but they have pride of place on her mini tray from eBay. This was an accidental purchase as she once told her followers she placed the order thinking it was a full-size tray. Luckily for her, it was meant to be and now is where she keeps her salt, pepper, and cooking oils. In this photo you can also see her Smeg toaster, gifted, and her Ikea shelf that stores her herbs, spices and lavender tree. On the wall there is a plaque from The Range and you can also see a kitchen roll holder from a small independent seller, which was a gift to the pregnant star.

mrs hinch kitchen hinch

A home tour wouldn't be complete without finding out where she brought her storage items for her Hinching cupboard. Putting our under-sink cupboard to shame, Sophie's is nice and neat thanks to her white baskets by Wham World which have personalised labelled stickers from Binky Boo Designs. The hanging basket which she stores her Dave the Dusters in is an eBay discovery. Sophie often shares with her followers the eBay delights she finds, and causes a mass sell-out when she does.

mrs hinch kitchen trolley

Ah, the famous Mrs Hinch notepad - a Poundland buy, who'd have thought it?! Mrs Hinch has an Ikea kitchen trolley in her kitchen which is perfect for giving you more storage space. On top you can find, alongside her pen and pad, a B&M candle burner, a room diffuser, a plant from Matalan and some eucalyptus. On the wall, there's a very cute wallheart which she purchased from Facebook.

mrs hinch hall

In the hallway, you can find an Ikea shelf which Mrs Hinch has added a reed diffuser to, a candle house (who knew one of these existed?!) and a rose jar. The wall print is another Desenio gift.

mrs hinch henry

Mrs Hinch's dog, Henry, is fast-becoming as famous as she is and if you're wondering where his personalised dog bowls are from, well wonder no more! Sophie was gifted these by Shabby2Chic Boutique. Her blinds, which she gave a pretty impressive cleaning hack for, were a gift by

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mrs hinch stairs

Last but not least, we got a glimpse of Mrs Hinch's stairs - and she makes the most of her stairs with a stair basket for storage. This was an eBay find, and a pretty impressive one at that! She has three other storage baskets on her stairs and these are also from eBay. If you're intrigued by where the paint she has on her walls is from, well, she told her followers that as well. From Dulux, she chose a mix of Polished Pebble and Chic Shadow.

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