Best paddling pools to give kids a 2021 summer to remember

Possibly the most important garden accessory you need for the heatwave

Katherine Robinson

With the pandemic continuing, our usual holiday plans of packing a suitcase and jumping on a plane probably won't be happening this year. But that doesn’t mean the warmer months can’t still be fun for the kids just because we're not jetting abroad.

One quick fix when the hot weather arrives is to invest in a paddling pool – frankly you won’t find a better outdoor toy and we’d go as far to say that as far as parents of toddlers and children are concerned, it's a must-have! Don't wait till the heatwave hits - delivery times may be erratic and the popular models start to sell out. It's a good idea to shop ahead of time and have one in storage ready to go.

But which ones are best and what should you consider before you buy? We've got all the vital info for you, just keep reading.

***Scroll down for our list of top paddling pools for 2021. But remember, children should be supervised at all times when they're in use.

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How often do you need to change the water in paddling pools?

If you’ve got a hot weekend ahead it might seem like a good idea to fill up your paddling pool on Friday and leave it out till Sunday. However, multiple hygiene experts agree that the best thing to do is use fresh water in your pool every day to avoid the risk of a child picking up an infection. You’ll likely be filling your pool with tap water, so although this is obviously disinfectant free, the plus side is you can use it to water your garden.

What size paddling pool should I get?

There are so many pools on the market now that you can get paddling pools in almost every size imaginable, but you need to consider the size of your family, the age of your kids, and of course, the space you have available. And of course, remember the bigger the pool, the more room you need to store it. It’s a good idea to check if it folds up into a compact shape for the cooler months when it won’t be in use.

Where will you be using your paddling pool?

If you’re laying it out on grass, then it will be fine as it is, but if you’re using it on top of concrete you might want to invest in something to go undernearth, like a rubber mat.

Does it come with a pump and repair kit?

Some paddling pools do, but the budget models may not. You can buy both a repair kit and a foot pump online and they’re both really handy to have.


Bestway underwater adhesive pool repair kit, £4.40, Amazon



Intext double-quick high output hand pump, £5.84, Amazon



Where to buy the best paddling pools online in the UK:


Sunnylife unicorn inflatable kids pool, £45, Selfridges


Age: 3+

What is it? An inflatable PVC paddling pool which measures 100cmx115cmx115cm and holds 31L of water. It features a unicorn design, an inflated floor for extra comfort and a sunshade. It comes with a repair kit

Why do we love it? Apart from the fact that it’s super cute and super instagrammable, this paddling pool doubles as a pool float. And the shade provides a bit of extra protection from the sun. The cushioned inflatable floor means kids are super comfy as they splash about.



Mylle ohre inflatable pool, £125, Selfridges


Age: 3+

What is is? A round inflatable paddling pool made of nontoxic heavyweight vinyl and measuring 165cm diameter and 38cm height. It features a bottom drain and comes with a matching storage envelope.

Why do we love it? Most paddling pools, even the expensive ones, just look cheap and garish. This however, looks gorgeous! It’s made of premium material too, which makes it durable and sturdy.



Intex lazy snail shade paddling pool, 14.99, Amazon


Age: 12 months+

What is it? A 145cm x 102cm x 74 cm vinyl paddling pool which holds over 50 litres of water and features a built-in shade. It's in shape of a cute 'lil snail and you can also get it as a whale and a shark.

Why we love it? The cushioned floor makes it super comfy for little ones and it can double as an indoor play pit. The shade is handy for super sunny days and, oh and did we mention it's shaped like a cute 'lil snail?



Inflatable swimming pool with built-in wireless pump, £109.99, Amazon


Age: 6+

What is it? A large inflatable paddling pool made from environmentally friendly PVC and measuring 318x180x68. It features a built-in wireless air pump that runs on AA batteries (sold separately) and a bottom drain. There’s also a sun shade attached and it comes with a repair kit

Why we love it? This is a good size family pool which could happily fit a family of five (or maybe even six or seven!) and the sun shade is a nice touch. The cushioned floor makes it super comfy and the built in wireless pump takes all the stress out of putting it up.

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Pop-up paddling pool, £35, JoJo Maman Bebe


Age: For babies who can sit independently

What is it? A pop-up circular pool made from tough fabric which measures 96.5cm by 65cm including the height of the shade - which offers UPF 50+ protection. It folds into a 40cm carry bag when not in use.

Why we love it? It’s so quick and easy to set up and because it folds away into a neat little carry case it’s ideal for bunging into a bag to take to the park or a friend’s house. It doubles as a shaded outside ball pit or play area, too.



Bestway paddling pool for the family, £60, Argos


Age: 6+

What is it? A large inflatable family pool which measures 305cm x 305cm x 76cm and is made of heavy-duty PVC. It holds up to 3638 litres of water and includes a repair kit, drain plug, filter pump and protective cover.

Why we love it? This superb family sized paddling pool inflates in just two minutes and it’s one of the few on the market with a water filter – meaning you don’t need to empty it after each use. The cover just goes on to keep it clean and you can crack it open the next day.



Inflatable rainbow arch sprinkler, £39.99, Amazon


Age: 3+

What is it? An inflatable sprinkler in the design of a rainbow made of PVC and measuring 260cm x 160cm x 95cm. It needs to be attached to a hosepipe once it’s inflated to supply the water for the sprinkler.

Why we love it? OK so it’s not a paddling pool per se, but it’s so much fun for little ones to cool off with. This would be a great buy for a summer garden birthday party.



Team Magnus slip and slide XL with inflatable crash pad, £54.99, Amazon


Age: 5-12

What is it? A 9.5m x 1.6m double lane water slide made of durable heavy PVC with a water-spraying bumper and splash pool at the end.

Why we love it? Again, this isn’t exactly a paddling pool, but you haven’t lived until you’ve slid full speed down a water slide!



Intex swim centre family pool with seats, £38.47, Amazon


Age: 3+

What is it? An inflatable vinyl pool measuring 229cm x 229cm x 66cm vinyl pool which holds 882 litres of water and features ‘chairs’ at each of the four corners. It comes with two cupholders, a drain plug and repair kit.

Why we love it? It’s spacious, easy to inflate and the comfy chairs are a unique selling point -  along with cupholders – it’s perfect for chillin’ and enjoying a beverage.

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