9 of Stacey Solomon's best home DIY projects to keep you occupied during lockdown

The Loose Women panellist has impressed fans with her crafty projects

Chloe Best

The coronavirus lockdown has provided many of us with the opportunity to unleash our creative sides, but Stacey Solomon has taken it to the next level. Seemingly not a day goes by without the Loose Women panellist showing off her latest home DIY project – whether it's making a bedside table lamp or her very own herb garden – and they're all surprisingly affordable (or even free) to do. Feeling inspired? We've rounded up some of Stacey's best projects to get you started…

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Turn a cereal box into a flower ornament


Have an old cereal box lying around? Take cues from Stacey and convert an old cereal box into a letter ornament. The mum-of-three cut up the box into 4cm strips and glued it round to make edges, before sticking faux roses into the middle of the letter.

Make your own homemade dreamcatcher


Stacey said she took her mind off her worries by making her own dreamcatcher, using just a hoop, some string and faux flowers. Sharing her tutorial on Instagram Stories, Stacey wrote: "So I wrapped a hoop in string (I got this hoop from Amazon I just typed in 'dream catcher hoop'. Then it's some string to one end and looped it all the way round. Over, under & through."

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She continued: "Then you just pull the string through each loop and keep going round and round doing exactly the same thing until you reach the centre. Then just pull it right. Then I looped on some string to the underneath and gave him a haircut to try and make it even. I added some crystals and flowers because I love a gem & a fake shrub."

Make diffusers out of perfume bottles


One of Stacey's simplest and cheapest hacks is to wash out an old perfume bottle, add a drop of diffuser oil and some faux flowers to create a pretty diffuser for her dressing table.

Turn an old hanger into a table lamp


Even a broken clothes hanger doesn't go to waste in Stacey's house. The 30-year-old used a spare tub lid, a solar bulb, some rope and the hanger to make a unique table lamp for her bedroom. Genius!

Make a bathroom shelf out of scraps


"I'm actually so proud I could cry," Stacey wrote, after converting some old wood into a bathroom shelf. Adding just some string, eight hooks, two empty spice jars and a stick-on hook, she was able to create a wall shelf to store her toiletries, store bath salts and hang a selection of string bags from the bottom.

Convert an old shelving unit into a herb garden


You don't have to spend a fortune to create your own herb garden, as Stacey proved. The mum-of-three painted an old shelving unit white before using a selection of jars and pots to grow her herbs. She's even decorated pebbles to label them.

Make cake tins into a paint holder


Who needs to invest in expensive storage when you can make your own? Using just some cake tins, old vacuum pipes and a glue gun, Stacey was able to make her own paint holder, but we think it would work just as well to store makeup and beauty products.

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Use old tins for stationery storage


An easy craft you can do with the kids, you can quickly turn old tins into stationery storage by simply washing them and peeling off the labels, and adding your own cover – whether it's twine or from an old jumper like Stacey did.

Turn old solar light bulbs into vases


Proving you can re-purpose almost anything with a little imagination, Stacey converted a pair of old solar light bulbs from her garden into cute vases which she hung from her bathroom mirror using Command strips.

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