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21 quirky Amazon bathroom gadgets you didn't know existed - but will want immediately

These fun bathroom accessories are absolutely genius - if only there was a 'add all to cart' button!

new bathroom gadgets
Katherine Robinson
Katherine RobinsonSenior Lifestyle Editor
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There are some crazy bathroom gadgets out there. Did you know you can get a shower head that dispenses vitamin C and a beard grooming set that catches the mess when you shave?

Okay, how about a shower curtain with a waterproof iPad holder in it? You've heard it all now, right? No, I'm not making it up – these are just some of the gems we found while browsing Amazon. Keep reading for the 20 best quirkiest bathroom gadgets you've ever seen – but be warned, you’ll want them all immediately.

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Motion-activated toilet light

toilet seat light

ZSZT motion activated toilet light, £7.99, Amazon


There's no need to switch the light on during those late-night toilet trips - not if you've got this handy bathroom gadget! The light switches on in darkness when you get close and stays switched on until 110 seconds after you leave the 6ft range of its motion sensor. There are two modes with eight colours to choose from.

IPad shower curtain

ipad shwoer curtain

YouTub shower curtain, £29.12, Amazon


This see-through shower curtain is truly one for device addicts. You can put your iPad or phone in the pockets and still interact with your device through the curtain – meaning you can browse social media, send messages or series hop through Nextflix to your heart’s content while you’re in the tub. Crazy!

Hairdryer holder and tool organiser

new hairdryer holder

If you've got a small bathroom, this sturdy and elegant, anti-rust, aluminum hairdryer holder and organiser is a great space saver. It fits most hairdryers and the cups are detachable for easy cleaning. All the parts for assembly are included.

Hairdryer holder and tool organiser, £14.99, Amazon


One-handed soap dispenser

soap dispenser

Jospeh Joseph c-pump soap dispenser, £18.59, Amazon


The C-shape of this soap dispenser means you can operate it with the back of the hand you’re washing – meaning the top of the pump head stays clean and germ-free. It works will all kinds of liquid soap and comes in two colours, green and grey – which fits in perfectly with most bathroom colour schemes.

Bathtub disco lights

disco bath lights

Floating underwater lamp, £10.99, Amazon


Bath time has never been so fun. These battery-operated, waterproof multi-coloured disco lights have seven different settings for hours of play. Children will no doubt end up wanting to go to bed early, just so they can get in the tub.

Mess-busting beard apron

beard grooming set

Best Beard shaving bib, £9.99, Amazon


This is hands down the ultimate beard grooming kit. All the wearer has to do is put on the bib, attach the suction cups to the apron and get to work. All the trimmings are collected for an easy peasy clean-up.  It also comes with a beard shaper, storage pouch and an e-book all about grooming.

Wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser

wall toothpaste

Wall-mounted automatic toothpaste dispenser, 13, Amazon


This genius gadget gives you the perfect amount of toothpaste with each push, and keeps everything neat and tidy. Perfect

Baby waterfall rinser

bath baby rinser

Skip Hop moby waterfall rinser, £10.58, Amazon


This is the best rinsing jug for washing little kids in the bath that we've ever seen. The inside ridges create an even, gentle pour, and the soft lip can be pressed to baby's head to avoid the water going in their eyes. It stands up or can be hung by its handle to dry, oh and best of all - it looks like a cute 'lil whale!

Loo roll holder with phone tray

loo roll holder

Toilet roll holder with phone shelf, £14.99, Amazon


If you’re a family full of people who are glued to their phones then this is the best bathroom gadget for you. This stainless steel loo roll holder comes with a little tray that can hold your mobile, glasses, keys or other little items. And the best thing is that you can easily fix it to the wall directly using the self-adhesive pad included

Tap extender

new tap extender

Faucet extender four-pack, £11.99, Amazon


Small children may struggle to wash their hands because they can’t reach the tap – but this handy bathroom gadget solves that by extending the water flow closer to them. You get four per order.

Musical bubble bath dispenser

bubble maker

Frog bath bubble maker, £18.99, Amazon


Another cute bathroom accessory to make bath time fun – this green frog not only makes bubbles, but also plays music. It's the best!

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Full-body skin exfoliator


Double-sided skin exfoliator, £6.99, Amazon


You can get glowing skin from head to toe with this full-body exfoliator – hold it by the handles and rub back and forth to gently exfoliate the skin on the back, neck, shoulders and legs. It’s durable and you can bung it in the washing machine and it'll be good as new.

Vitamin C dispensing shower head

shower head

DigHealth ionic shower head with vitamin C, £23.99, Amazon


Did you know you can get a vitamin fix while you shower? Crazy, right? This shower head not only increases water pressure while saving water, but it also has a double ionic filter which removes chlorine, softens hard water and increases the content of vitamin c. You can look forward to healthier and smoother skin and stronger and shiner hair. Wow!

Toothpaste squeezer

toothpaste squuezer

9 piece, 3-size toothpaste tube squeezer set, £4.99 Amazon


So simple yet so effective. This multicolour toothpaste tube squeezer set will make sure you cut down on waste and make your money go further. Just push the flattened end of tube into the squeezer and then pull it through. The set has nine pieces in three different sizes.

Charcoal bamboo toothbrushes

charcoal toothbrush

4-pack eco-friendly bamboo charcoal toothbrushes, £5, Amazon


Awful fact - every plastic toothbrush you ever used in your life still exists! End that by switching to eco-friendly bamboo. These zero waste toothbrushes have activated charcoal bristles, which have been shown to absorb plaque and remove stains and keep breath fresh.

Bamboo hair towel

bamboo towel

Organic bamboo microfibre hair towel, £9.69, Amazon


You might have heard about bamboo toothbrushes but what about a bamboo hair towel? Bamboo carbon fibre is super absorbent meaning it dries your hair super fast and it's super gentle. Helps to prevent split ends, dry hair and loss of shine

Universal bath plug stoppers

bathplug stoppers

Tanker street bath stoppers, £4.99 each, Amazon


These brightly coloured silicone bath stoppers fit every conceivable plug – and they're super cute too

Toothpaste dispenser

Automatic toothpaste dispenser set, £11.99, Amazon


This easy-to-clean, best bathroom gadget uses vacuum technology to make sure there’s no waste. All you need to do is slot in your toothpaste and press the lever with the toothbrush and it’ll deposit the perfect amount of toothpaste. Great one for kids who are a bit generous with the toothpaste

Shampoo eye shield

shower cap

Shampoo shower cap for kids and babies, £8.95, Amazon


If you're sick of fights and tears over washing hair, this is one for you. This shower cap will keep shampoo and water out of little ones' eyes – it can be used from six months of age and up

Shower leg shaving foot rest

new shower step

Shower foot rest shaving pedestal, £26.74, Amazon


What a neat idea – the days of wobbling about on one leg in the shower while trying to shave are over. It fits any shower with a 90 degree corner and has a universal size razor holder. There's no annoying slip-off suction cup to install - it fits to the wall with high-grade adhesive strips.

Luxury bath pillow

new luxury bath pillow

Home spa deluxe bath pillow, £12.99, Amazon


This ergonomic luxury bath pillow envelops your head, neck and shoulders, in blissful comfort and gives you a spa-worth experience. We're sold!

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