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Amazon helpful home gadgets you’ll love under £25

The Amazon gadgets you never knew you needed

Amazon is one of the leading online shopping destinations for pretty much everything. 

While some may be snapping up bargain deals on tech and home devices, others may find Amazon's nifty props, which can help around the home, more of an essential. 

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Others may be looking for space-saving solutions, whether that is in your wardrobe or beauty cupboard, there are genius creations for that. 

For those who are planning a road trip, but hate how messy your car gets with all the sweet wrappers and coffee cups sprawled here, there and everywhere, Amazon has something for that. 

We have found the genius buys you never knew you needed for your home and car, all under £25. 

Basics Velvet Suit Hanger, £19.42, / $27.99 Amazon


Wanting to save space in your wardrobe? These slimline velvet hangers are a must.  They can hang shirts, jumpers, trousers, and can be fitted with velvet clips for those pieces you want to peg on them. 


Makeup Organiser Rotating, £24.99 / $24.99, Amazon


If it's time to sort out your beauty and make-up buys, the rotating organiser is ideal, as it allows you to get easy access to your favourite products. Plus it can be used as a spice rack.

Tap Light, £8.99 / $10.19, Amazon


Whether you are looking for a night light, need a little lumination in a cupboard or wardrobe, even the garage, this nifty device can be attached to the desired location, without any wiring needed, or switches. 

Light Dimming Sheet, £9.99 / $9.99, Amazon


Does the light of your charger in the corner keep you awake at night? We know the feeling, but these dimming sheets can black out the lights with ease.  Simply peel off and apply to the area, and notice the light dim to your preference.

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DIY Tools Belt, £12.99 / $17.99, Amazon


When in the midst of DIY, there is nothing worse than misplacing a screw or nail.  But this prop can fit all the essentials on the band so you don’t have any interruptions.

Multi Tool Pen, £10.99 / $10.99, Amazon


Not just a pen, oh no, this 6-in-1 prop also doubles up as a spirit level, ruler, screwdriver, as well as a pen for tablets and pocket clip. So you will never be caught out for the bare essentials.

Wireless Charger, £11.84 / $11.99, Amazon



A no-brainer. Whether you are in the home, on the go, or in the office, a wireless charger is a must to keep your devices juiced up all day long. 


Toothpaste dispenser, £13.99 / $14.99, Amazon


This easy-to-install toothpaste dispenser is especially helpful if you have kids in the house who find it tricky to squeeze the tube without making a big mess. It delivers the perfect portion of toothpaste each time by inserting the brush.

Jar Opener, £9.95 / $19.99, Amazon


We’ve all had moments when we are struggling to open a jar, and have to pass over to a relative, even a neighbour - if we haven’t given up by then - to open the jam jar. But this device has various shaped contours to slot any sized jar into, so you won’t have to struggle again.

Cotton Sleep Eye Mask, £5.94 / $9.98, Amazon


Struggling to sleep? Or maybe you want to catch some shut-eye travelling on your next vacation, this sleep eye mask ensures no light gets through to wake you up, while also being soft and breathable on the delicate eye area.

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USB Cup Mug Warmer, £12.99 / $11.99, Amazon


Finding the perfect temperature to drink when you’ve made a cuppa is a fine line; it’s either piping hot and undrinkable, or too cold, but this device warms up your cuppa to keep it at the perfect temperature to suit your needs.

Travel Hanging Toiletry Wash Bag, £12.99 / $13.99 Amazon


When travelling, whether a staycation or further afield, having all your essentials in one place is a must.  Not only does it help you find everything, but prevents any spills or leakages. It has a compartment for everything, as well as a hook to hang your travel bag on the back of a door, or cupboard, even in the shower, to access your belongings with ease.

Car Bin, £13.59 / $15.99, Amazon


On a roadtrip, but sick of the mess that comes with it, then this car bin is a must.  It is foldable and can be propped up so your sweet wrappers are no longer laden on the floor. 

Car Sun Visor Organizer, £11.99 / $13.79, Amazon


Keep your belongings all in one place, especially when on the go, with this nifty add on.  It has a specific compartment for cards, sunglasses, your phone, spare change, and so much more. 

Tapo Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet, £7.99 / $16.99, Amazon


A smart plug is a popular need in households, primarily for those looking to achieve a smart home.  You can sync the plug, and your devices to the Tapo app, as well as the plug, to connect your speakers, phone, Echo, or other smart device to with ease, so you can use voice command to control your appliances.

Fabric Shaver, £16 / $17.99, Amazon


Sick of getting bobbles on your jumpers, blankets, cushions, or sofa? This affordable device is will get rid of any fuzz, without snagging your clothes.

Mandoline Slicer, £24.99 / $19.99, Amazon


Want to find an easy solution to chopping your fruit and veg? This slicer has various additions to get the perfect, and even, slices.  Plus customers can also get a spiralizer prop, so you can rustle up tasty courgetti noodles or spaghetti - the list is endless.

Bag or Pocket Cleaning Ball, £13.21, Amazon


Noticed your bags, or pockets, have little specks of grit and dirt, this Cleaning Ball is a gamechanger.  Simply pop in your bag, allow it to roll around, when you take it out, the dirt would have collected on the inside.  To clean, detach the case, and wash the inner ball. 

12" Thin Foldable Phone Screen Magnifier, £20.98 / $19.95, Amazon


Fed up of watching your favourite show on the small screen, and squinting to see exactly who is who? Now you don’t have to, as this creaton magnifies your screen.  Take it on your commute to work, while travelling, or even enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 


Tap Descaling Gadget, £5.85Amazon


Limescale can be a pain to get rid of.  This affordable prop can hold limescale remover, and sits neatly around any size tap, to allow the grime to lift off.

Staple-Free Stapler, £15 / $10.99, Amazon



Staples can catch and sometimes cut your fingers, so for those looking for a safer alternative, this stationery item is a must.  It works by punching through the pages, and folding back the cut area to help them stick together.

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