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Dopamine décor: How your home can make you happier

We spoke to a colour and design consultant about how to brighten your mood - and home

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Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
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You've likely heard of dopamine dressing, the idea that wearing bold, bright colours can boost your mood by triggering positive responses in the brain, – but what if you're a slave to a chic navy, black and nude wardrobe, and the idea of dressing in colourful clothes sends a shiver down your spine?

Enter dopamine décor, introducing mood-boosting hues into your home, for an instant hit of happiness – no neon knits needed.

pink striped wallpaper© Photo: Instagram

Pops of colour will brighten your home - and your mood

"Dopamine décor can be interpreted as using colour, pattern and tactile furnishings in your home as a way to make you feel happier," says colour and design consultant Suzy Chiazzari, who works with Dreams.

"You might start off small – by introducing a print here and a coloured piece of furniture there, or you might fully commit to vivid colours, such as zesty yellows, punchy pinks, and brilliant blues to dress your home and evoke feelings of happiness.”

Embracing feel-good colours in your home, be it a budget-friendly yellow vase, or a gorgeous statement wall gives an instant uplift, which we very much welcome.

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"Colour is emotive and personal, and we all react to colours differently depending on how they make us feel," explains Suzy. "Choosing colours that connect with the emotions you want to experience will ultimately help you 'dopamine dress' your home."

These are the colours to add to your home for an instant hit of happy, according to Suzy.

coloured pots of paint© Photo: Getty Images

Pick positive paints for good vibes at home

Golden yellow

“There is no doubt that that the number one happy colour is created by the glow and positivity of sunshine yellow,” says Suzy. “Yellow cushions and shiny gold accessories are welcoming and will promote an optimistic outlook.”


“This mood-enhancing colour promotes sociability and conversation,” explains Suzy. “Most of us feel happy when sharing time with our family, friends, and community, so introduce some glowing orange candles at the dinner table and see your relationships blossom.”

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Sky blue

“Float on a cloud of blue, feeling relaxed and mentally free from constraint,” Suzy says. “Sky blue is a perfect wall colour that uplifts your mood while keeping you feeling calm and peaceful. By slowing down our mental activity at bedtime it supports deep recuperative sleep, so paint your bedroom in this hue.”

Hot pink

“When you want to feel romantic, sassy and joyful, cuddle up in a warm pink throw or look out for some floral prints in this loving colour,” Suzy says.

Positive prints 

If you like a chic, monochromatic home, mood-boosting prints are another way to inject happiness into your home. This month sees Scandinavian wall art brand Disenio launch its new art collection, named Mindful Art, which includes prints infused with harmonising colours and positive affirmations.

The zen-inducing range includes prints in soothing colours, helping you create your own at-home sanctuary.

Happiness poster

Happy prints can help boost your mood

“Wall art is the easiest and most affordable way to introduce mindfulness into your interiors, creating a positive space, infused with calming colours, illustrations and affirmations,” says Annica Wallin, executive creative director at Desenio

“Choose prints that make sure you’re waking up in a space that promotes positivity,” Annica adds.

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