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Inside Saltburn: the super private, exclusive estate that rivals the royals

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan star in the movie

Inside Saltburn: the super private, exclusive estate that rivals the royals
Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior Features Writer
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Saltburn may have hit the cinemas a couple of months back, but thanks to the Emerald Fennell-created movie landing on Prime Video recently, fans have been watching in their droves and have become obsessed. TikTok is drenched with theories and trends, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back in the charts, and viewers are debating the most jaw-dropping scene. Saltburn's impact is not letting up just yet.

And it's not just the glittering cast – consisting of Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan to name just two – and the eerily gripping plot that has grabbed attention, but the stunning scenery and location of the movie, too.

The backdrop of the film is the grand estate called Saltburn, owned by the Cattan family who welcome Felix's (Jacob Elordi) university pal, Oliver Quick, (Barry Keoghan) to their sprawling grounds for the summer. As the plot goes on, a series of catastrophic events unfold and Saltburn is never the same again.

WATCH: Saltburn's officail trailer

But in real life, the sprawling home and estate is a super private and exclusive residence…

Where is the Saltburn estate?

The house used for the filming of Saltburn was the Grade-I listed Drayton House, located in Lowick, Kettering in Northamptonshire. According to the Parks and Gardens website, the site sits on a sprawling medieval park occupying roughly 120 hectares dating back as early as 1328. The park where Drayton House is located was re-landscaped in the 18th century and the building is now privately owned and tended to.

Director and writer Emerald Fennell was passionate about using a location that hadn't been used on screen before. "The house was so important. This hadn't been photographed even, let alone put on film. We always wanted the exact sense that it is a real place," she told Architectural Digest.

Can fans visit?

Fans are, unsurprisingly, desperate to visit 'Saltburn' for themselves. But it's not that easy since Drayton House is now privately owned. Unlike a lot of stately homes and historical sites across the UK, the estate isn't open to the public to visit for day trips, but the website does state: "Open to groups only, by appointment only. Write to L G Stopford Sackville at Drayton House."

Inside Drayton House, the real 'Saltburn' house

The grounds

Emerald Fennell, Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi behind-the-scenes in Saltburn© Chiabella James,Prime Video

Given the Cattan family's wealth, it made perfect sense for them to reside at an enormous estate. As mentioned, Drayton House is privately owned, so there aren't photos in abundance, but film stills and behind-the-scenes photos give a glimpse of what it's like. 

This photo shows director Emerald and leading actors Barry and Jacob sitting and discussing a scene by the bank of the lake located outside Drayton House. The tall limestone walls are seen in the background, as well as the huge layout of the house itself dotted with multiple windows.

The house

Saltburn was filmed at Drayton House © Prime Video

This photo of Oliver arriving at Saltburn ahead of his very eventful summer shows a perfect shot of Drayton House from the front. The house and gardens are clearly well-kept and there are two sets of gates to walk through before getting to the grounds. 

The front of the house shows a tall iron door for the main entrance, and the symmetry of the building – thanks to the two turrets on either side – adds to the gothic, 18th-century feel.

The dining room

Cast of Saltburn in the dining room© Prime Video

Many scenes from the movie offer glimpses inside the house. The scene where the cast dress for a formal dinner shows the huge wooden table where the Cattan family sit. 

The dining room is decorated with classic centuries-old décor such as large paintings on the wall and a grand chandelier above the table, but there are modern touches too, with a stylish floor lamp placed in the corner for extra lighting.

Library room

Alison Oliver as Venetia in Saltburn© Prime Video

When Oliver first crosses paths with Venetia, Felix's sister is sitting in one of the library rooms reading a book before gazing at their new house guest curiously.

Behind her is a tall bookcase filled with old books and – as Felix says himself in the film – Shakespeare's folio. Casual.

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Grand hall

Saltburn's chandelier

This photo of the grand hall is an aerial shot from the scene following Oliver's raucous birthday party at Saltburn. 

The high ceilings and candle-lit light hangings on the wall add to the gothic theme, as well as the large bay windows and draped curtains. We also particularly love the black and white stone tiles on the floor.

Breakfast room

Richard E. Grant as Sir James Cattan in Saltburn© Prime Video

The aristocratic Cattan family sit for every meal and are served by their staff – including Duncan the Butler played by Paul Rhys who pulls off a brilliantly haunting performance.

This shot of Richard E. Grant, who plays Sir James Cattan, sitting at the breakfast table once again shows the portraits on the wall with plenty of vases full of flowers and foliage.

Other Locations used in Saltburn

Oxford university

Oliver and Fairley at Oxford in Saltburn

Felix and Oliver meet while studying at Oxford, so the cast and crew headed to the university grounds to film scenes on location at Mary Magdelene College as well as Radcliffe Square.

This shot shows Oliver and Fairleigh (Archie Madekwe) standing in the iconic square which has the beautiful buildings of the university in the background.

The river in Oxford

Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi and Emerald Fennell in Saltburn© Chiabella James,Prime Video

This shot shows Emerald once again chatting to her leading actors as they sit on the wall by the river close to the university grounds. It's an important scene because it's when Oliver attempts to throw a rock into the water in honour of his late father, but he misses. A plot point many fans thank foreshadows what's to come.

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