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Exclusive: Style Sisters reveal the biggest kitchen organisation mistakes you're making

The Style Sisters spoke to HELLO! about their new campaign with Wickes Bespoke Kitchens

The Style Sisters team up with Wickes for a new campaign
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
17 March 2024
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We all dream of having a freshly organised kitchen that remains in impeccable shape, provides full functionality and looks nothing less than Instagram-worthy but, for the majority of people, a dream is as far as it gets.

Often the kitchen is a hub of more than just dinner. It's a place for conversation, socialising, playing with the children, and sorting laundry, so having a space that provides everyday practicality while still being a place where you enjoy spending time is a must.

This is where The Style Sisters come in. The design gurus, celebrity stylists and social media stars know all too well how important it is for the kitchen to be organised, but, as their moniker states, style needn't be sacrificed. 

The Style Sisters team up with Wickes for a new campaign
The Style Sisters have teamed up with Wickes for a new campaign

The duo, consisting of Charlotte Reddington-Smith and Gemma Lilly, have teamed up with Wickes Bespoke Kitchens to offer guidance on how we can declutter our kitchens – just in time for those Spring cleans.

HELLO! spoke to the designers to get their tips on how to make the most of your space, regardless of size, which can destress us and, overall, make our lives easier.

But, there are a few common mistakes that people make…

The biggest mistake you're making when organising your kitchen

In a nutshell? It comes down to expectations, design and the tools.

Charlotte says an error many of us make is comparing our space to what we see on social media. She told HELLO!: "I think the biggest mistake is people thinking that life is an Instagram or Pinterest picture and thinking, 'That's how I'm going to live every day'."

We all want a beautiful kitchen but decanting frequently consumed foods into fancy jars, although looks great on the 'Gram', doesn't necessarily work on a practical level.

"Realistically, sometimes if you're cooking pasta every night for your family, you're going to use a whole jar of pasta and then you've got to refill it. Then you've got to take an extra couple of minutes out of your day, then to refill it and put it away."

She adds: "What people want and what is actually really realistic are completely two different things and so we try to meet in the middle."

This isn't to say that style and substance don't go together. On the contrary, in fact. It's about finding ways to combine the two.

So how do we do that? And how can we turn these mistakes into successes?

The Style Sisters team up with Wickes for a new campaign
The Style Sisters offer their tips on how to organise your kitchen

Top three tips on how to get your kitchen organised like a pro

1. Declutter

Charlotte says: "The best thing to do first is to declutter everything out of your kitchen that you don't need or you don't use anymore. Realistically, you only probably use two or three wooden spoons, not 10. You accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, so it's about streamlining what you do have, and then you can begin to organise what you do use."

Gemma concurs: "The amount of times we've organised kitchens and they're struggling with space, but they're storing untold amounts of Tupperware, sushi sets that they were bought for Christmas three years ago, that they have every intention of using, but just never do.

"We really delve in and try and get the client to assess whether they're actually going to use these things. Decluttering is vital."

2. Tools, tools, tools

The next step is to implement the tools and gadgets that are there to make your life easier. "Getting the right tools for your cupboards and your drawers is essential," says Charlotte.

"We love drawer dividers. And at Wickes, they've got really good magnetic ones that fit in the drawers. They're great because you can move them about, and you can section your drawers into categories. A lot of people just throw stuff in, and then it just becomes an absolute junk drawer of stuff."

The Style Sisters team up with Wickes for a new campaign
The Style Sisters are big fans of the Wickes drawer dividers

3. It's all in the design

But before all of that, the first point of call is layout and space. The Style Sisters explain that, regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, assessing the layout and design is step one.

"Thinking about the layout is important and that's another reason why we enjoy teaming up with Wickes. For example, the deep drawers are great because you're going to get so much more in. If you're short on space then you can decant things maybe that so they can sit decoratively on a kitchen side."

This also means that no gap is left unused. "When you use a cupboard for things like plates, often there's a lot of wasted space in that area. Drawers are actually better because you can utilise what would be otherwise dead space."

They added: "Another thing is working out your movements around the kitchen. Where do you spend the most time? Make sure your utensils and your spices are near where the cooker is, so you can work your way around the kitchen and not be dancing around the island all night trying to put things away."

The Style Sisters have helped celebs organise their kitchens
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Maintenance is key

The Style Sisters note that the organisation is only half the job – it's the ongoing planning to keep on top of it that is the real battle, but it needn't be overwhelming.

"It starts from the design stage, with the campaign we've delved a bit deeper into how you create an aesthetically beautiful kitchen, but also how it can be functional day to day. It just shows how much organisation really does help in the home and create that calm environment."

The Style Sisters team up with Wickes for a new campaign
The Style Sisters team up with Wickes for a new campaign

Gemma added: "But once you've implemented a system, that is what helps you stay organised. Spend a day or a couple of hours every few months to revisit those areas and do another mini detox to keep you on top of it.

"We have things like Christmas, Easter, etc, and all these things creep into our cupboards slowly and, before you know it, you're holding things that actually you don't need.

Another thing to remember? Don't stress about the mess. "If it gets a little messy, that's normal! But it's a lot easier to maintain because it's a case of just going back through refining it, as opposed to [starting from scratch]. The system's there already, and everything's labelled and everything's got a place."

Wickes Design Consultants can help to create a kitchen that works for all family members. Book a free appointment today.

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