Your weekly horoscope revealed for 17 to 23 February

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals all

Debbie Frank, astrologer to the stars and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, shares her horoscopes of the week with HELLO! Online readers. Debbie is the author of Written in the Stars. Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you...


Everyday arrangements and appointments may be going through a period of hitches and glitches but you rarely get such a golden opportunity to inhabit the creative mind. Put yourself in neutral and see what dreams inspire you in the drift. By next Sunday's New Moon your whole sense of what's possible will shift.


Joined up thinking may be in short supply due to Mercury's retrograde passage. This is temporarily frustrating as it means you can't plan in advance – your default setting. Yet what transpires out of the blue towards the end of the week is so much better than anything you could have engineered.


It is not only problems with eye to hand co-ordination that come up when Mercury is retro! Your whole world seems slightly off. Yet, whilst you go deeper into the rabbit hole you'll discover that there is a message for you in this cycle which will become apparent before the month is out. Listen very carefully.


As Mars, the action planet, has recently moved to occupy Capricorn, in your realm of relationships for a six-week phase of pushing forward, you find yourself full-on or face-off with those close to you. It can be confrontation rather than collaboration. However, with Mercury retrograde, you can iron out issues that have been bothering you for a long time.


As Mercury sputters to a slow reverse motion you're not sure quite what to think. So think again. This is the perfect time to renew, reflect, recharge and re-vitalise many areas of your life. You're ready to open up about the very things you'd normally not talk about. The only question is, what took you so long?


You're experiencing so many crossed wires in communication, that you may feel silence is the better option. However, this week favours the non-verbal rather than the verbal. So plug into your feelings and intuition and you'll get to understand a whole lot more than a certain person is able to tell you.


Whilst gorgeous Venus remains in Aries you're receiving some of the feel-good-factor from others. However, when it comes to tying anything down, it's another matter. Expect some delays and changes of plan in the coming weeks – which is nothing personal. It's simply not the right time for answers, but a great one for asking the right questions.


The zone of creative inspiration is calling you to retrieve past dreams and see if now is the time to turn them into reality. What matters most to you these days? If the harder edges of life have kept your nose to the grindstone, it's important now to tune into those areas and people who make you feel it from the heart.


Any kind of change or chaos you experience during Mercury's retrograde phase is undoubtedly a nuisance on a linear level. However, it could be the very thing you need in terms of forcing you to re-think plans and projects. It's possible that the universe will send you signs and signals that will inspire you to new and improved versions, far better than the original.


Upfront Mars is now in your sign so you really do want to get on with the rest of your life. However, there are obstacles when Mercury is retrograde, small delays and slip ups. Those people and plans you thought were done and dusted can suddenly come back to life. Paradoxically, a U-turn may be the best way forward.


The visionary part of your nature will be highly activated in the next few weeks. You get a chance to re-align with the bigger picture rather than fretting about the details (which are hazy when Mercury is reversing). Look in your rear-view mirror, get a 360 degree image of where you are heading. The great blue yonder calls.


The oddest things happen when Mercury is retrograde in your sign! You lose things, you find things, you go into slow-mo, but in that surreal realm you find miracle answers. This, coupled with the New Moon in Pisces next Sunday offer you a fresh slant on what's been holding you up, draining your energy and messing you around. It is like a mystical healing.

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