Your weekly horoscope revealed for 24 February to 1 March

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals all

Debbie Frank, astrologer to the stars and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, shares her horoscopes of the week with HELLO! Online readers. Debbie is the author of Written in the Stars. Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you...


It's time to access your inner sanctum, go private and dream your dream. Floating in the realm of possibilities fills you with inspiration so allow your imagination to wander. As Venus tussles with Pluto, god of the underworld on Friday you're likely to be starring in a thriller rather than a rom-com towards the end of the week. Channel your inner Miss Marple.


Ordinarily, you'd feel wrong-footed by sudden developments. Yet you're beginning to see that much-needed change that springs out of nowhere can be re-vitalising. It's not that you've forsaken the need for security. Rather that you know it has to stem from within, rather than something external.


If Mercury retrograde is driving you mad, take heart from the New Moon which promises something exciting will come out of all this mess. For all the ideas that lead nowhere, the half-hearted enterprises and fake news, you are actually building something positive via a process of elimination... For all the faffing about, there is actually a method in the madness.


Your nesting instinct can be so strong that you pass up opportunities to experience life on a grander scale. Yet the New Moon is offering you a chance to explore alternatives to what you know as your comfort zone. It's a ticket out of here, an exciting adventure and no-one said you had to leave and never come back. What you learn will be more than worth your while.


You're currently re-evaluating where the money went, or to what extent you invested emotionally in something that didn't pay back. Yet the New Moon is encouraging you to transcend past disappointments, let go and remain open to inspiration. Repeating a pattern is only a choice you make – and now is the time to believe in yourself and your capacity to get things right.


Complicated karmic chords connect you to various significant others. Some you wish you could unpick, whilst others hold the key to your future life. Virgos are discerning by nature, yet you sometimes find relationships to be a mystery. Whilst Mercury is travelling backwards and the New Moon accents the opening of a new cycle it is best to give as much importance to the heart as the head.


Few things bother you more than those who must have everything their own way. Which is why your social skills will be tested towards the end of the week leaving you wondering whether other people ever stop to consider your needs. However, this might be your golden opportunity to reverse the situation by putting yourself first for a change.


Your capacity to make heartfelt connections is expanded with the New Moon in your sister water sign of Pisces. Intuitively you sense when you share the same frequency and there is an openness about you now that makes you more available. Even so, others find it hard to read Scorpio – especially when Mercury is retrograde and therefore you may need to spell things out.


Being the go-getter is your modus operandi. Yet you find yourself now in a phase of working through various options, re-visiting the past and re-formulating your future... This would normally frustrate you, yet having time to catch up is something valuable in itself.


New ideas are percolating, so you know that you'll soon be involved in projects that excite and interest you. In the meantime, you're having to attend to issues that are coming up in a relationship that compromise your values. Even if you've put up with something in the past, you've reached a point where you can no longer allow it to continue. Enough!


If you've been short of inspiration, here it comes. Perhaps you don't have the full download due to Mercury's maverick motion these days, but the images are bright visions of what your future might look like. Your unique talent for capturing the zeitgeist is certainly spot-on and will prove to be a real asset.


When it comes to the powerful portent of a New Moon in Pisces you're opening up to a new beginning that re-calibrates your position. The qualities of Pisces are magical, mystical and inspiring so follow your dreams and refuse to allow anyone to divert you from your course. The whispers of your soul are too strong to ignore, let them guide you.

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