Your weekly horoscope revealed for 2 to 8 March

Princess Diana's astrologer reveals what's in store for you this week

Astrologer to the stars and the late Princess Diana, Debbie Frank, has shared her horoscopes for the week with HELLO! Online readers. Debbie is the author of Written in the Stars. Read to find out what your week looks like...


As Venus passes through the final stages of your sign she gets the sharp-eye from Saturn. This is like running into a check-point that causes you to question the real deal of relating to a certain person. Are you getting what you need? What is your level of attachment and above all – is it worth it and will it last the course?


You’re ready for the love goddess Venus to enter your sign on Thursday 5th which gives you the flattering lighting, filters and camera angles! So it’s time to prep yourself for a beautiful March and if your love life has been in the doldrums, to start believing in your magnetism again. What you put out is what you get back.


If you’ve been experiencing the cold shoulder it might be because someone is going through a tough time and has little to give. Don’t take their attitude personally. Whilst Mercury is reversing, it’s easy to misinterpret the signals, so keep the lines of communication open.


Any anxiety you may be experiencing is no doubt connected to events earlier in the year that are still leaving their mark on your sensitive soul. Yet, people are in a state of flux and internal chaos so it’s harder to read them than usual. At the moment it’s best to concentrate on maintaining your own solid core which naturally attracts a higher vibe.


As Mercury reverses back into Aquarius you may wish to re-open talks with someone close to you. Now you’ve both had time to think about a situation there is more to say and different angles to discover. As karmic Saturn will also move into your opposite number later this month you really do need to work out your what is most important to you in a relationship.


It’s possible that you’re not seeing things in your usual clear-headed way. This is partly because situations are continually changing and you find yourself constantly playing catch-up. However, the Virgo Full Moon is approaching which asks you to use your heart, not just your head when it comes to major decisions.


You like relationships to run as smoothly as possible, yet there are times when you have to stop and question what’s going on. It seems this is all about what you signed up for – or not as the case may be! Perhaps it’s time to put in a few protective measures or at least let someone know that you can’t always be accommodating.


When Venus arrives to light up your zone of significant others you’re feeling more open and receptive. Scorpio has a remarkable capacity to get up close and personal yet you also know that it’s sometimes wise to stand back. Bolts of lightning are due across a particular relationship very soon – so prepare for a radical refresh!


Your warm nature is in stark contrast to those who refuse to wear their hearts on their sleeves. You wonder how people can be so shut down. Yet with so much in a state of transition, it’s enough to melt a polar situation. Keep an open mind and be ready to respond in the moment.


Sticking things out is second nature to you. Very rarely do you feel prompted to impulsively throw in the towel. Yet it seems someone is testing your patience to the limit and you’re beginning to wonder if this person is preventing a process of evolution which would be central to your development. This needs considerable thought.


Mercury re-surfaces in your sign bringing back a number of issues that ran across your radar in January. This time, you’ve mentally moved on so that you’re approaching things in different ways. What seemed to be a block in your road is now an excuse to take an exciting diversion.


If you feel you’re living in a parallel universe, you’d be right! Some things are just not stacking up, making you want to transcend it all and escape to your own dream-like bubble. Pisceans are conjurers in their own way, so if any sign can magic up a miracle it’s you!

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