Your weekly horoscope revealed for 9 to 15 March

Princess Diana's astrologer reveals what's in store for you this week

Astrologer to the stars and the late Princess Diana, Debbie Frank has shared her horoscopes for the week with HELLO! readers. Debbie is the author of Written in the Stars. Read to find out what your week looks like...


Kick-off is at Full Moon on Monday March 9 which draws in a number of health and well-being factors across the Virgo-Pisces axis that signify both your working daily life and your own immunity. Being an Aries, you like to take matters into your own hands and assert control. It's a stand-out moment for deciding to take your own self-care seriously.


You're definitely living outside of your own comfort zone as Venus and Uranus unite in Taurus as a disruptor energy and your best laid plans disappear into the crucible of a 'who dun'it'. As you pick yourself up, it soon dawns on you that having a clean slate is no bad thing. Let the magic begin…


You can juggle most things – but the ramping up that takes place this Sunday and Monday will test your skills. Keeping things going in a constantly changing environment isn't easy, but you have to adapt quickly to the newsfeed both in your own life and globally. The trick is to stay connected.


Despite the inevitable changes of plan that go alongside the celestial tempest of the 8th and 9th you will move out the other side in better shape. Sometimes it takes an element of challenge to bring out the best in a relationship. This week you'll find out what who will move mountains for you.


Even if you find yourself in the eye of a perfect storm on Sunday and Monday, it clears quite rapidly. Maintaining a sense of humour is essential as it puts drama into perspective. Perhaps you will even see the cosmic joke in what's going on. Honestly, you couldn't make it up!


You tend to see imperfections more acutely than any other sign. Yet at the moment you're hanging in a celestial no-man's land, unsure of what's going on, uncertain about what to do. Monday's Full Moon in your own sign coincides with Mercury turning direct – which means you'll receive new information and be able to act on it shortly.


If you find yourself in something of a time-warp at the moment it would hardly be surprising as Monday's Full Moon highlights issues from the past whilst a temporary freeze is put on future plans. These are strange times, yet equally extraordinary is the extent to which you can still find the beauty, joy and pleasure in life.


These are extraordinary times so it's not much wonder you're digging deep to try and make sense of it all. A lot of old paradigms are shifting, both in the world and within your own psyche so it's time to let go of the old blockages and make yourself available to a stunning array of new opportunities that really could change your life.


So much is in transition you simply can't commit to major decisions. Instead, review your options and note that only those plans with legs are going to get up and run in your future. So be prepared to cut your losses with those situations that have failed live up to their promise. No time wasters please!


Everything seems disordered at the moment, making it hard to build long term plans. You have to play things by ear, use your intuition when facts are in short supply and be ready to turn on a dime. This is exercising the parts of you that lie dormant much of the time. Yet as this week progresses you'll see that so much of your power lies in being able to access and use these innate gifts.


You are the Magician when it comes to innovating – which is just as well, as your maverick ruling planet Uranus joins with Venus amidst other rarified aspects, so rabbits must be produced from hats! The special nature of the chaos cycle which is the signature of Sunday and Monday is right up your street and means that people will look to you for genius ideas that re-position you in their eyes this week.


The Sun's up close and personal meeting with ethereal Neptune in your own sign on Sunday is followed by the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday. This makes this week pivotal in terms of how your dreams might unfold in reality. Virgo is eminently practical, so this is no time to be a space cadet. Yet it's your capacity to channel and visualise that gives you that extra wow-factor.

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