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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Maintaining your well-being is essential and you could be surprised at how much joy and fulfilment you get from the simplest things. Whilst Mars is reversing through Aries your energy is lower than usual, so boost your spirits with all that re-boots and revitalises.


A newsflash across your own headlines this week captures your attention and makes it necessary to think twice about your original plan. Keep an open mind and make room for all the people and activities that lift you with love. As the Sun enters the relationship zone of your chart, it's all about how you connect.


There's something of a circuit breaker in your own thought process this week as Mercury opposes radical Uranus, turning things upside down. It's a re-set. One that will bring you back stronger and with a renewed sense of hope about what's possible.


You're living in an ever-changing world which provides endless speculation and little in the way of concrete answers. However, certain contacts, connections and relationships are playing a pivotal role in your future success. Together you make a creative think-tank.


Holding onto your sense of self worth is the basis of everything you magnetise for yourself in the world. The time has come to call in a different flow chart for your life. Dispensing with 'less than' and calling in 'more than'. There is still so much potential for you to explore.


Being a perfectionist can be the road to self-undoing as nothing is ever good enough. So whilst Venus, the goddess of love, graces your sign you have a new opportunity to simply enjoy what you love without passing judgement or seeking to control. Try it!


This is the perfect time to work out what truly matters to you, as the recent New Moon dimmed the lights on your old stage setting and gave you scope to re-arrange the scene. You can re-write the script too as Mercury is retrograde - so create a whole new story line that takes you out of the past and into your future.


For many Scorpios the experience of Mercury reversing through your sign brings up situations that focus you on where you are powerful or powerless. Triggers in conversations and situations suddenly propel you into new awareness. That's when you can break free, like a phoenix from the ashes.


The craziness of this time is that things are changing so rapidly on the one hand, yet you feel stuck in other ways! Details and events can change, yet the big deal is how you as a person can move on. This takes a personal activation with you as the architect rather than the first responder.


During all these uncomfortable times you've held true to the belief that you will get through. Yet now a level of fulfilment rather than survival is coming on offer that reminds you to enjoy the things and people close to your heart, rather than piling on extra defences.


You are a connector and collaborator which has always been your greatest strength. Recent times may have forced you into your own resilience to go-it-alone. But now, you're back in the sharing zone, it feels so much better to be part of the bigger picture.


Whilst you've been experiencing an air of nostalgia about the good old days, what surprises you in the coming week is that certain people have the capacity to inspire you again. There is a glow about some of your connections and special relationships that really lights you up.

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