How the final Mercury retrograde of 2020 will affect your star sign

Expect best-laid plans to be derailed, says astrologer Debbie Frank

Debbie Frank

The final Mercury retrograde of 2020 begins on Tuesday 13 October and lasts for three weeks until Tuesday 2 November. But what does the dreaded change in the astrological calendar mean for you? Astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, reveals all below...

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We are all primed for instant connection and communication as our technological gizmos give us ever-increasing capability. Yet Mercury, the planet that governs all exchange of information and the flow of connection is turning retrograde on Tuesday which is when the mayhem begins!

In fact, Mercury doesn't actually move backwards in its orbit. The retrograde effect is an optical illusion, but as astrology is a symbolic language, the retrograde cycles correspond to times when we are brought up short.


This particular Mercury is in Scorpio, the sign that describes secrets and hidden information

Interestingly, the days when Mercury retrograde is at peak effect are the days when the cycle starts and stops. So we have the stalling of Mercury on Tuesday 13th and again on November 3rd which happens to be the date of the US election. No prizes for guessing what a mishmash that might turn out to be as Mercury rules counting and the postal system as well as misinformation.

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The last time Mercury stalled on an election day was when the Florida recount caused havoc with the Bush/Gore election in 2000. Confusion is likely to be rife around the 2020 election.


Expect mayhem to strike for three weeks

In our own lives, Hermes, the mercurial messenger of the Gods, operates in reverse mode as interference with deliveries, mobile phones, messages, appointments, equipment, appliances, cars, traffic and travel. Covering the Halloween period which this year is marked by a Full Moon too, we can expect the Mercury retrograde trickster energy to be in full swing.

Mercury retrograde is often symptomatic of losing items or problems with returns, correct sizing etc. There are glitches in orders, timings and even in getting answers. Allowing extra time for your journey is wise as hassles in getting between A & B are rife.

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If this all sounds like so much annoyance, well yes. But there are considerable upsides to Mercury retrogrades too. It's possible to reconnect with people and projects that have been shelved sometimes come back to life. It's a time to go slowly and to open your eyes to new information that emerges, to be flexible and fluid.

During the Mercury retrograde period vital information can come to light which enhances our perception. As this particular Mercury is in Scorpio, the sign that describes secrets and hidden information, we can expect some fascinating news headlines to rise to the surface.

How will the Mercury retrograde affect your star sign?


Bank accounts, loans, agreements, mortgages, pensions, tax and credits. Check out so you don't miss out.


Misunderstandings with partners or are you hearing only what you want to hear? Keep communication clear.


Technology and equipment are subject to glitches. Back up everything.


Expect a punctuation mark in the area of younger people, children and leisure activities. Time to check out your half term arrangements.


Household items on the blink? Mercury's retrograde cycle is not the time to rely on faulty equipment. Have a clear out!


Somehow your message isn't getting across. Expect many versions and changes to your projects and plans. Use this time to review.


Slip-ups in payments and transactions require you to be eagle eyed over what's coming in and what's going out. Do some number crunching!


Mercury's backflip through your own sign could result in a major U-turn on your part. Take a look at your options and delay making commitments until you're crystal clear it's right.


You need to buy yourself some time as your head is simply not in the right place to forge ahead. Pause if you can. Do some reflection and make room for some genius thinking.


Dissension in a group or team makes it hard to reach agreement. Keep the lines of communication open for a creative think tank.


You have question marks over your place in the world. Is your plan still viable? What do you really want to do? Past connections and projects re-appear.


You're getting mixed messages about your future so try not to think too hard ahead. Stay in the present but do some research on new possibilities.

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