Your weekly horoscope revealed for 31 May to 6 June

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The week ahead has its good points – and it's important to savour them, especially the sense of feeling more at home in yourself and with others, having fun and also getting things done. Yet Saturday's intense aspects sound a note of challenge and this time around it would be better not to rise to it Aries.


Whilst you're enjoying the company of certain people and the exchanges and interactions you're having, it's always difficult to make things work when Mercury is retrograde. Besides which, Saturday's cosmic cocktail is hardly the stuff of which dreams are made. People are bothersome if you allow them to be. The secret is not to dwell on it.


Many Geminis are coming up to the boil in the first half of June which includes the eclipsed New Moon in your sign on the 10th. Until then, focus on making the best of the Mercury retrograde in Gemini which crosses wires and occasionally drops you in it. Saturday in particular is a shrug your shoulders day. Let it roll off you.


Playing host to the twin planets of love and desire (Venus and Mars) in your sign is by turns heart-warming and frustrating. As soon as you experience love and peace, combative Mars puts his oar in and things take a turn. You will need to use all your powers of emotional intelligence to guide you through the week ahead.


Keeping everything in proportion is important when inflammatory Mars could create a drama. It's all a question of perception and choice. Ultimately there is no happiness when your vibe goes low, so keep it high and refuse to get drawn into battles that are either ridiculous or unwinnable.


You're finding it difficult to see your way to the truth of various situations which are beset with speculation, blind spots and illusion. Much as you would like to leave no stone unturned in your quest to fix something, remember that Mercury retrograde and at right angles to Neptune can put you on a hiding to nowhere. Just bide your time.


Although you have an inkling of some good times rolling, it seems you're distracted by some of the more the less-than-desirable elements that surround you. There's a red flag towards the end of the week that can't be offset by sweetness and light. Perhaps you simply need to accept that certain people have problems with their ego.


If you look at what's unfolding, there are some very positive signs and signals. Yet you can't help wanting more detail which is not yet forth-coming and this is one of those times when it's impossible to control a situation. You may not be able to trust a certain person, but do not for one minute give up your faith in trusting the universe.


Usually your good humour goes a long way to offset other people's tantrums. Yet you find yourself facing someone who can't or won't be placated. Does this have to rain on your parade? You can focus on those who are capable of co-operation and make those ties stronger.


Venus and Mars in Cancer are keeping you busy, on the one hand with entertainment and on the other with activities that are your remit. However as you move towards the coming weekend something doesn't feel right. As Mercury is retrograde, questioning may draw a blank. With kind of stand-off it might be best to leave things right there.


You tend to stand clear of intense entanglements, preferring to dilute the company and keep your options open. Yet the first Saturday in June is likely to put you on the spot in some way. Absolute honesty is always of value in itself, but don't expect someone to appreciate your opinion!


You're more than capable of enjoying life with abundant Jupiter in your sign. Yet there's an area that is so confusing and unknowable that it's having an impact on you and someone close to you. It may be time to talk about the elephant in the room. However, someone may deny it's existence.

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