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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The urge to break free is almost overwhelming, yet sensible Saturn's alignment with radical Uranus suggests that you look at the consequences before making a rash decision. Right now there is a need for compromise and clear thinking. A strategy that will light your path over the coming weeks.


Playing host to the revolutionary planet Uranus over the last several years has shaken up the Taurean status quo. You no longer look at life in terms of guaranteed security and have learnt to recognise the value of moving on from things you've long outgrown. So when you find yourself confronting what you would have normally preserved without question – this week you are all up for a change.


What's exciting about your situation is that there's so much buzzing under the radar. Even a Gemini might not have got the full story yet. As this week unfolds you're caught between needing to keep hold of reality and instigating a massive bid for freedom that appeals to your desire for movement. One twin is sensible, the other wants a walk on the wild side!


No matter how tense you feel about a situation that seems to be going on forever when you really want a break, you can still bask in the delights of Venus in Cancer. The more you appreciate the beautiful moments, the less you are triggered by circumstances beyond your control. If your end goal is peacefulness then this is something you can generate from within.


Since Mars is the most dynamic of planets you're experiencing his residency in Leo as nothing short of a turbo-thrust to action. You want to make things happen, to move things forward and get results. Yet the world is not made up exclusively of Leos and you find yourself face to face with those who advise caution and control. Pick your battles carefully and channel your vibrant life force into a spirit of magnanimity.


If it weren't for the continuing uncertainty surrounding one particular person you feel you'd have a much better chance of having a fully managed and organised life! However, it's impossible to attain perfection when the cosmic climate is revealing the great divide between how things actually are and the ideal. Now is the time to set your sights on the small but satisfying differences you can make.


It would be a rare Libra who feels balanced in this current cosmic climate which is inherently unsettled. Yet rather than reacting to every trigger, you can minimise the tension by feeling that you're a bastion of peace unsullied by the outside world. Practice being a buddha and you will vibrate above and beyond what's going on.


Those Scorpios with a strong desire to experience relationships as fully alive will appreciate the efforts of Uranus in Taurus to take you out of a rut. Possibly your comfort zone too. Most certainly your expectations of what someone can bring into your life and the catalyst effect you have on those close to you too. Keeping everything in continual evolution is no bad thing!


The current set-to between Saturn and Uranus feels precarious. As if any kind of false move could set up an aftermath of consequences. So consider carefully what you're doing and especially any careless talk which in itself could spark controversy. It's not your bag to put up and shut up, but consider this a wise strategy until the coast is clear.


You have a sure-footedness when it comes to making the right move and the timing of things. So don't feel pressurised into making decisions before you feel ready. At the moment it might be a case of one step forwards, two steps backwards but on June 24th the Capricorn Full Moon will change up the energy and release you from that frustrating dance.


Saturn in Aquarius is no picnic. It means you have to take things on the chin, wise up and take an essentially practical view of those matters for which you would normally up-level through genius thinking. This doesn't mean you're stuck with a reality you can't tolerate. Rather that you have to be pragmatic yet still capable of the surprise move.


Drifting along is one way of minimising a tense situation. Yet it doesn't solve anything and right now you need 20/20 vision and the capacity to see things for what they are and empower yourself to make the wise choice. As Jupiter continues his confidence boosting visit to your sign, take the action that will enhance your life.

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