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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A solar eclipse in the think-tank area of your chart suggests you're ahead of the game when it comes to having bright ideas. Yet with Mercury approaching cazimi with the Sun you are capable of shorting the circuits of established thinking.  Present your ideas as creative inspiration.


You usually prefer the steady path, yet the intensity of Thursday’s solar eclipse propels you towards higher stakes. It's time to assert your own value in the world and believe in yourself. What you bring to others is a gift of loyalty and dedication unsurpassed by any other sign. Besides which, in this flimsy world, your stock is rising.


Think back to the last eclipse in your sign which took place just over 6 months ago and take in the huge strides you've made personally during this time. The world itself seemed to almost stop turning, but as a Gemini you've continued dancing to your own tune. Thursday's eclipsed New Moon in your sign assures you that your public performance is about to begin.


Whatever situation you found yourself in late November there is more celestial information available to move you on. As a Cancer you do take things to heart and therefore difficult situations can linger. Yet the cosmos is whispering in your ear that it's time to let go and put the whole thing down to experience. Into your wisdom bank it goes.


As upfront Mars pushes through to your sign on Friday for a six week work-out in Leo you'll feel the need to show more of the magnificent lion you are. Time to rally your entourage around you, take centre stage and do your thing. Whilst people have lost momentum and direction, you'll infuse them with a willingness to get things done.


Mercury in retrograde changes the shape of things, yet you're realising a re-vamp is the way to go. Perhaps you're having to continue the dress rehearsal for quite some time, but each version improves on the last. As you've long appreciated, it's what you do behind-the-scenes that makes the vital difference.


If you've felt that a lot has rested on your own personal performance, you'll appreciate the people power that starts to form around you in the coming weeks. Associates, teams, friends or groups will pull together to get something off the ground that really matters to you. It takes someone with considerable social skills to pull off a change of direction that involves others. That person is you.


Time to do your research on what and who is available to you in order to move a venture onto a more secure footing. Whether it's some kind of funding, advice or support, the solar eclipse suggests that the right fit could make that magic connection. Mars is also promoting your cause for the next 6 weeks. Work it whilst you've got it.


The power point eclipse season absolutely has your name on it. Someone close to you too. Thursday's eclipsed New Moon highlights where you were at last November/December and asks for a check in on the state of play with your significant others. Perhaps the terms of engagement are being re-written or updated. No bad thing.


As combative Mars moves away from your relationship zone on Friday you'll feel the breeze of cooler air and the opportunity inherent in Thursday's eclipse to work on yourself and all that you want to do. It's really the way that you tackle your schedule, work/life balance and create wellness for mind-body-spirt that matters most. Going through the motions isn't enough – you want to feel the flow.


Genius thinking is yours when the Sun's eclipse involves Mercury, planet of ideas. Perhaps you've had a blind spot that now reveals itself. At the same time, relationships are picking up pace with dynamic Mars moving to Leo where others are pushing for greater involvement with you. It's a chance to be a power couple instead of going it alone.


Your personal life has a chance to be centre stage with Thursday's solar eclipse. Whether there is a move afoot, a new thread in family life or simply a chance to focus on your own needs, looking inwardly is your key to feeling better about yourself in the coming months. Attending to daily tasks is almost a meditative practise if you are mindful of your rhythms and mind-body-spirit connection.

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