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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 8 to 14 November

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Although it's tempting to blurt out your thoughts, or act in haste be mindful of the repercussions as certain people are likely to come down hard on you stepping out of line. Instead, use this opportunity to calmly discuss your needs and plans. You'll be surprised at someone's grand shift in mental outlook at the weekend.


You are 'in hold' as they say in the dancing world. Perhaps a place you rather enjoy, although whether it's too tight or a struggle depends on how much you are in step with a partner. Friday's sublime flow makes things easier, loosening you up to say what's really on your mind.


Information is at a premium this week as heavyweight Saturn comes to a serious conclusion. You need to undertake due diligence before forming opinions and taking action as a lot of history has to be taken into account. However, as the planets in their courses are always on the move, freedom is imminent.


The time has come to take a look at your attachments and responsibilities and decide what you can take on board or need to shed. After all, doing things properly is important to you and if you already have your hands full, say so. Being clear at this stage brings incredible relief.


A difference of opinion is likely to weigh heavily as you know you've done all you can to carry a situation up until now. It's a tight squeeze, but there needs to be a redistribution of responsibility. As you head towards the weekend the magic starts to sparkle again and you feel all the sweeter for it.


You can see with accuracy exactly what needs to be done to fix a situation. However, certain people may lack the application to see it through. Once again, it falls on you to be the one on the bottom line. However, you're due to receive the recognition for being the miracle worker you are.


You prefer charm and diplomacy, but people aren't mincing their words. At least you'll know exactly where you stand and can move on later in the week to enjoy some pleasurably romantic special effects and social graces with those who are on your frequency.


As Mercury meets Mars in Scorpio your mind is super sharp and Saturn's reality check has you computing exactly what will work or what needs to go. It's a crunch point mid-week, but on Friday the ambient lighting and mood music returns to sprinkle some glamour and magic.


It's hard to stand back and let others take the helm. But this is exactly what you need to do when it simply isn't your turn. Wait and watch and you'll see the from 22nd November the ball is very much in your court and you can dazzle them all with what you've learnt and have to offer.


You find it relatively easy to contain yourself when the situation requires some self -control but it never ceases to amaze you how tone-deaf certain people are. Lead by example and refuse to be drawn on matters that are inflammatory. As you know the greatest wealth in life is finding peace.


Ordinarily you would act according to your gut instincts, but sensible Saturn in Aquarius is encouraging you to hold back. This is no bad thing as you really do need to assess whether holding on or letting go is appropriate. Take stock without jumping to conclusions and your end result will be a wise choice.


Nothing lasts forever, but you are often one for a slow fade out rather than a definite decision. However, you do need to stand up and be counted right now and it could be that you set yourself a deadline for that conclusion. Having done so you can go back to enjoying the moment.

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