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Weekly horoscope: 13 to 19 December

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


You are fast paced and forward thinking and this is one week to get as much done as possible. Tick those all-important things off your list as there's a distinct shift of gear at the weekend. The Full Moon is exuberant and you're approaching the Christmas cosmic cocktail which is a quite a mix this year.


Christmas is for sharing and caring, yet you're keen to get some financial matters sorted and the upcoming Full Moon is the ideal time to bring things to completion. As Venus is turning backwards from the 19th you need to strike whilst the iron is hot or you'll enter the cool down period.


Relationships are coming alive as hot blooded Mars enters Sagittarius from Monday taking you through to late January. You're all set to receive more attention and you're definitely on the wanted list! As the emotionally expressive Gemini Full Moon makes next weekend one to remember make sure it's for the right reasons.


Your hands are full but you're opening up an interesting line of conversation with someone who really gets you. Next weekend is a case of full moon fever, yet Venus changes direction next Sunday for a prolonged period so don't be surprised if you experience a pull-back from the past or even a change of heart.


You are Christmas with bells on as the lion who exudes fun and games. Right now you're trying even harder to offset any naysayers. Yet Venus is turning retrograde next weekendbringing a change of emphasis and pace which requires a flexible approach. No one is exempt from the cosmic spin cycle.


It's not as if you're unclear about what you want. Just that you're dealing with circumstances beyond your control. It's possible to resolve it all before the Full Moon next weekend rather shuts down business as usual. Go all out and you can get to the finish line before someone moves the goalposts.


One side of you is caught up in the busy bee syndrome and another has an eye on future wishes and plans. The Full Moon next weekend is a clincher or completion that alters your perspective. As Venus is beginning a 40 day period of retrograde motion on the 19th there is something of a come-back in the pipeline.


After six weeks in the hot seat, Mars moves out of Scorpio on Monday giving you a chance to gather your bearings. Focus on what you truly value and you'll get plenty of feedback as to who's in around the Full Moon next weekend. There's a call-back energy from the 19th – reconnection, recollection and renewal.


You've been waiting all year for this – the entry of red hot Mars into Sagittarius and here he comes at full throttle on Monday for a six week stint in your sign. He's bound to rev you up and a Full Moon next weekend creates strong reactions and emotional expression. It could be fun as long as you are sensitive to other people's feelings.


You're entering a thoughtful time as the mind planet Mercury flies into your sign and Mars enters the most reflective sector of your skies. It's perfect for getting a new perspective on any outstanding issues. Particularly as next weekend Venus will change direction in Capricorn and you'll be able to consider all options.


Friends, co-workers and those who share your network are always important to you. Yet you're feeling the urge to get them to pull together for a major reason or event over the coming weeks. Perhaps next weekend's Full Moon is just for fun. But you also have a vision for the future. Bring it into being.


Between now and late January you'll turn a corner when it comes to how you position yourself or your role in the world. Almost as if you see things with new eyes. A switch of emphasis may come as early as next weekend when the Full Moon symbolically changes your screensaver!

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