Your horoscope for the week ahead: 25 April to 1 May

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Shifting to a higher frequency enables you to see beyond what you thought possible and the convergence of planets in your intuitive 12th house opens you up to the powers of manifestation. Coupled with a potent solar eclipse on Saturday you are absolutely intent on producing an outcome.


You ponder on the sheer magic created through friendship and alliances that enable you to walk through doors you never knew existed. Yet it's the solar eclipse in Taurus on Saturday that triggers a powerful new cycle that's capable of 're-birthing' you. The next couple of weeks creates a powerful dynamic between you and a significant other.


Be aware of the nuances and subtle interplays in your life as a new beginning is constellating in terms of where you're going and what you’re here to do with your life. There are helpful signs and signals this week yet also the need to replay some scenes from 18/19 years ago at the time of Saturday's solar eclipse. Choose to repeat or evolve.


Of course you'd love to float off into your dream scenario – and very seductive it is! Yet the solar eclipse is rapping on the door that connects you to friends, co-workers and those in your network and you need to think about collaborating and widening the scope and purpose of these groups. You have a pivotal role to play here.


What do you feel you were born to do? The universe is asking the question and nudging you in the direction of your soul purpose. Why waste your talents on areas where you may be under-valued and unappreciated? Especially when there are those who really want you to collaborate on a beautiful bigger picture.


Are people offering careless whispers or should you believe that their intentions are good? Your Virgo powers of analysis can discern what's for real or is simply a case of wishful thinking. Yet changes are afoot with the first of this year's eclipses on Saturday encouraging you to put your strategy forward.


You appear to be on the cusp of a new arrangement that will alter the pattern of your life and offer some kind of upgrade. It might be a case of not believing it until it actually happens but there's no doubt that your current reality is slipping and morphing into a new shape. Get ready for the big shift.


Paradoxically the presence of someone in your life is actually creating a new level of liberation that reveals the true you. Perhaps they offer a new way forward, an acceptance of those things that are meaningful to you. Finally, you are breaking an old pattern of relating and being lifted higher.


The grand union of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune speaks volumes about your personal world, home and family. Encouraging you to forgive and forget, move forward in hope and let go of the past. Make it real by engaging with some practical steps that literally take you in that new direction.


Softening your stance doesn't mean that you're going to make yourself vulnerable. It just means that you're paying more attention to the things that make you happy rather than those that generate discord. Moving towards greater happiness and joy is living according to the wisdom of the heart.


Saturn has rather dampened your desire for any kind of speculation, yet you have to admit that you’re picking up on something that looks rather good whichever way you look at it. As Saturday's solar eclipse suggests you're going for some kind of personal re-invention take your need for change seriously.


As your dream world is highly activated at the moment, pay attention to what's floating your boat. Yet it's all about making it real and manifesting those yearnings, wishes and intentions. The solar eclipse in the mind-set angle of your chart suggests you need to stop living in your head and start speaking your truth.

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