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Winter is here - 8 electric heaters to keep you warm at home and save you money

Which brand is best for portable electric heaters? From Dyson to Russell Hobbs

electric heaters
Hollie Brotherton
Lifestyle & Commerce Senior Writer
Updated: 30 January 2024
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The temperature may have dropped, but thanks to the cost of living crisis, turning on the heating has never been less appealing. There are only so many more layers we can put on or hot water bottles to fill, and while an electric blanket is a great option to warm you up while you work from home or jump into bed, sometimes you just want to heat a whole room.

One solution? A portable electric heater. Cheaper than turning on the central heating and perfect if you just want to heat a small area of your home, many also come with extra functions like a remote control to make life that little bit easier.

From Dreo's bestselling electric heater to Dyson's multipurpose heater, fan and air purifier, plus affordable and stylish options from Russell Hobbs, scroll on for the top rated options available to shop now.

The best electric heaters at a glance

How we chose the best portable electric heaters

  • Top-rated: We've only included bestselling heaters that are rated at least 4.2 out of five stars with verified customer reviews. 
  • Price: Using a portable electric heater is first and foremost about saving money, so many of these options are currently priced at under £100, with several also on sale.
  • Practicality: All of these options heat a space quickly, while remaining easy to move and convenient to fit into smaller rooms.
  • Dyson Electric Heater

    Dyson heater

    Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde HP09 Heater

    Star rating: 4.2/5

    Dimensions: 79.4 x 20 x 24.8 cm

    Weight: 5.5 kg

    Heat output: 240 Voltage

    Heating method: Convection

    Special features: Cooling fan, Air purifier, Adjustable oscillation, App control, Voice control, Night mode, Easy filter care, LED display, Remote control

    Dyson's new electric heater not only warms up your home, it can also be used as a cooling fan and an air purifier, capturing dust, allergens and viruses. It automatically senses and removes pollutants as small as 0.1 microns, projecting purified air throughout the room and displaying live results on the LED display

    The clever multipurpose heater also comes complete with a built-in thermostats to maintain your ideal room temperature and save you up to 30% in running costs. It comes with a remote control and can also be controlled via the Dyson app, wherever you are.


  • Dreo Electric Heater

    Dreo heater

    Dreo Space Heater

    Star rating: 4.5/5

    Dimensions: 20.29 x 18.21 x 29.01 cm

    Weight: 2.12 kg

    Heat output: 1000 - 1,500 watts

    Heating method: Forced air

    Features: LED display, remote control, adjustable timer, memory function, automatic shut off

    At just 26.2cm, Dreo's sleek portable heater is surprisingly powerful. It works much faster than alternatives as it uses a DC motor with nine blades rather than the traditional AC motor with three. The 70° wide oscillation also helps the heat to fill the room quickly and smoothly.

    Choose from four different heat settings, High, Low, ECO and Fan and set the temperature easily using the remote control. It also has a timer, so you can set your heater on a timer of 1 to 12 hours before you go out or go to bed.

  • Warmlite Electric Heater

    Warmlite heater

    Warmlite Thermo Fan Heater

    Star rating: 4.3/5

    Dimensions: 25cm diameter

    Weight: 1.1kg

    Heat output: 1000-2000 watts

    Heating method: Forced air

    Special features: Overheat protection, two-year guarantee

    At less than £15 and with glowing reviews, Warmlite's electric fan heater is the best deal we've found. It's fairly basic with manual turn dials, but you can choose from two power settings (1000W and 2000W) and three heat settings (Cool, Warm and Hot). The lightweight design comes with an integrated handle for easy movement and overheat protection for added safety.

  • Russell Hobbs Electric Heater

    Russell Hobbs heater

    Russell Hobbs Retro Electric Heater

    Star rating: 4.3/5

    Dimensions: 5.6cm x 9.8cm x 10cm

    Weight: 1.2kg

    Heat output: 1800 watts

    Heating method: Convection

    Special features: Two-year guarantee

    With it's retro design, Russell Hobbs portable heater is as stylish as it is practical. It has two different heat settings and is ideal for use in small areas like bedrooms and home offices. The built-in thermostat regulates the temperature around the heater, helping to maintain the perfect level of heat. It will switch off when the desired temperature is reached, and switch back on again when the surrounding air cools down.

  • GoveeLife Electric Heater

    GoveeLife electric heater

    GoveeLife Smart Electric Heater

    Star rating: 4.4/5

    Dimensions: 10 inch diameter

    Weight: 1.165kg

    Heat output: 1500 watts

    Heating method: Convection

    Special features: LED Display, Control Touch Panel, 1-24 hour timer, overheat protection, tip-over switch, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth remotely controlled

    Remotely controlled using an app on your phone, you can turn on this portable electric heater from your bed while you wait for the room to warm up - genius. Much smaller than a tower heater but just as powerful, it has a sleek black design that would ruin the aesthetic of your home.

  • Pro Breeze Electric Heater

    Pro Breeze heater

    Pro Breeze Ceramic Fan Heater

    Star rating: 4.5/5

    Dimensions: 18.5cm x 15.5cm x 26cm

    Weight: 1.75kg

    Heat output: 2000 watts

    Heating method: Convection 

    Special features: Overheat protection

    Choose from high (2000W) and low (1200W) power settings with the automatic 60° oscillation mode to heat your home quickly with this popular Pro Breeze model. It has an adjustable thermostat, a lightweight compact design and an anti tip-over switch for safety.

  • HOMCOM Electric Heater

    Radiator heater

    HOMCOM Convector Radiator Heater

    Star rating: 4.3/5

    Dimensions: 45.5cm x 74cm x 23cm

    Weight: 4.6kg

    Heat output: 1300 watts

    Heating method: Radiant 

    Special features: Wall-mountable, tip-over protection

    "I wanted a cheap heater to heat up my home office on days I'm working from home and I'm alone. It just doesn't make sense to switch the heating on when I'm only in one room all day. This does the job perfectly. It's nothing fancy but for the price you pay it's well worth it. It's just a case of plugging it in, switching on and turning the thermostat to the temperature you want. You can fit it to a wall, but I have mine on wheels and when the cold weather is over, it's packed away into the basement until next year." - Kath Robinson, HELLO!'s Senior Lifestyle Editor

    This versatile electric heater can be used freestanding or mounted to the wall - ideal if you have limited space. The adjustable 7-35℃ thermostat will keep your space at the temperature most comfortable for you.

  • PureMate Electric Heater

    Radiator heater

    PureMate Portable Electric Heater

    Star rating: 4.6/5

    Dimensions: 50cm x 24cm x 62cm

    Weight: 11.2kg

    Heat output: 2500 watts

    Heating method: Radiant

    Special features: Overheat protection

    This powerful 2500W oil-filled portable electric heater features 11 heating fins that quickly and efficiently circulate hot air throughout your room. It has a fully adjustable thermostat and a 24-hour timer, as well as built-in overheat protection and a safety tip-over switch. The sleek design includes four wheels and a carry handle.

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