Celebrity Cancer

Cheryl Cole 30 June 1983

Cancer forecast for Findesemana 23 July 2014

They used to say 'he who pays the piper calls the tune.' But that was in the days before the formation of a Performing Rights Society and the various other august bodies who oversee the distribution of musicians' royalties. Who is now exhorting you to pick one melody over another - and are you, in any event, sufficiently talented as an instrumentalist to be able to play requests to order? You have the right (and the ability) to decide what gets played on the jukebox of your life today. Select something you truly like listening to.

On July 26th, Mars moves into a new zodiac sign and this is good news for us all. Give me your birth details and let me compile for you a personal 'Guide to the Future' so you can identify the areas of your life that are about change and make the most of them. Right now there is a 20% discount. Download your Guide to the Future here.

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