Celebrity Gemini

Michelle Keegan 3 June 1987

Gemini forecast for Friday 25 July 2014

If there is to be a battle between the head and the heart, which is most likely to give way? Won't the head eventually win out because common sense, sooner or later, has to prevail? Ah, but what can be more sensible and more logical to concede the overwhelming, undeniable, power of the heart and make way for it before it becomes such an unreasonable, emotional force that it all but drives the head crazy in its slow, stubborn, struggle for supremacy? Thrash out a conscious compromise while you can this weekend.

This weekend Mars moves into a new zodiac sign and this is good news for us all. Give me your birth details and let me compile for you a personal 'Guide to the Future' so you can identify the areas of your life that are about change and make the most of them. Right now there is a 20% discount. Download your discounted Guide to the Future here.

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