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Leo forecast for Monday 21 September 2014

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Is that a pea under your mattress? Actually, it is an entire cannery. It is almost as if combine harvesters keep driving beneath your bedclothes and depositing their contents in the shredder. How are you supposed to rest easy with this much annoyance? Plus, people keep telling you that it is no big deal and you ought to be able to rise above it. That, on its own, is beginning to irk you. Would you like some good news? Soon, you will both be feeling a lot less sensitive and you will have far less aggravation to react to.

It's nearly the September Equinox and time to rebalance and realign your life for a better future. A full horoscope chart will help you do just that and for for just the next couple of days there's 20% OFF all charts. Change your life... Download your discounted chart now!

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